How to attract money into the house folk omens

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 15:02

How to attract money into the house folk omens
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Folk omens about the money

Cash omens and superstitions in people’s lives has always held a leading place. And still our ancestors noticed to forget about poverty, it is necessary not only to work hard but also to comply with certain rules for handling finances. That is, correctly to keep, to lend and even to consider, reports Rus.Media.

  • In any case, you cannot store money in a bright place. Finance love not only quiet, but also quiet, dark places.
  • In order not to lose your fortune and regular cash flow, don’t take out the garbage from home in the evenings. Better to do it in the morning.
  • Never to return, to give or accept empty containers. For example, if you gave a jar of jam, turning a glass bowl put a piece of bread or candy. This is done in order to have abundance in the house poorer.
  • Anyone, even native people – you can’t give money in debt after sunset. Otherwise, the bills never never coming back to you. If you do decide to lend some money, do it by day, while saying: “May you always be and I have multiplied”.
  • Also, our ancestors believed that even charity need to apply special. Namely: to give money to beggars, saying: “Let gets rich giving hand”. This is not to look into the eyes of someone who is begging.
  • If you have financial problems, let’s see how your house is dirty window glass. It is believed that the dirt on the glass surfaces that blocks the flow of money into your home. So they need urgently to be cleaned.
  • It is impossible to take delivery of dirty and torn money. In these notes, we cannot even touch: it is better ask them to replace it.
  • In the evening you can leave it on the table knife, money and an empty bottle. This leads to the arrival in the home of poverty and want.
  • If you came to visit a neighbor, be sure to invite her to the house and not stand on the doorstep. Considered, if you long to stand in the doorway, it’s to scare away luck and prosperity from home.

  • That money was forever in love with your home they should always consider. Pocket money, for example, have to count it three times a day. The notes deferred for large purchases, must be considered in the evening on Friday.
  • Getting paid it is by no means impossible to spend the same day. The money should be given the opportunity to stay in your home and then put on the costs.
  • Not to withdraw money from home, should be removed from the threshold to the middle of the room.
  • If you want to attract money into the house, do manicures on Wednesdays and Fridays.