How to become the perfect mom: 5 secrets

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 17:58

How to become the perfect mom: 5 secrets
The stereotype of the “motherhood is bliss and joy” is firmly stitched in the mentality of Ukrainians. Being a mom is hard work every second without breaks, days off and holidays.

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To motherhood has not turned into a burden, but a labor of mothers was effective and pleased dedication in the face of a healthy, advanced, happy and fit for life kids, you need to follow a few simple rules. One clarification: to comply with consciously.

The main role of the mother in the family is to provide stability and protection. It takes a lot of effort, energy, care. Sometimes it seems that all the power spent, the energy was exhausted and did not want to. The regular repetition of such state – and here it is, the stress. Hence the first rule.

1. Have the energy, strength and joy from constant communication with your children. It first effort – enjoy your morning smile of your baby, and that spark of joy, feed myself all day, not missing a single occasion. And in the evening it will become so big that you can easily share your joy with loved ones. Let this be your habit, placed inside a mother’s joy and care for her.

2. Motivate yourself. Start with the English proverb: “the Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. You are busy the most difficult and most joyful job in the world. This job will not be fired, the fee is much more valuable than all the gold in the world, a mom is forever.

3. Correctly manage your needs and objectives. The following is the order meet the requirements, the violation of which leads to inefficiencies and imbalances:

• you need to sleep, eat, relax;

• you need to farm and take care of the family: to wash, clean, iron, cook, etc.;

• you need to satisfy your social needs: to communicate with my husband, family, friends;

• you need to feel the necessity, respect and self-respect. For this increase your competence in topics that matter to you, engage in self-development, love. Supermamy as superheroes, always in fashion!

4. Plan and prioritize. Needs and the sequence of satisfaction of rule 3 take a basis for planning their time. That it is necessary to plan, do not even hesitate. Make it convenient: recording on a sheet of paper, fixing the problem in the gadget, mentally thinking through and arranging things. You will be truly multi-tasking mom.

5. Care of themselves. Not only about health and appearance but also about mood and energy. You – the energy generator in the family, and you should be enough to be enough for all.

Often ask yourself the question: what am I doing in this moment, is really important for my children? Engage in really important the parent cases. And feel free to ask for help. A happy family starts with a happy mom!