How to choose a good coffee practical tips!

Techno 10 January, 2018

2018-01-10 13:18

How to choose a good coffee practical tips!
If you do not think to start the day without coffee, then expert advice will help you choose instant, ground coffee, grain coffee.

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For many, the best way to start the morning is to drink a Cup of aromatic and refreshing coffee. reports Rus.Media . But not everyone will be able to choose a quality and tasty drink. If you do not think to start the day without coffee, then a tips from our experts will help you choose instant, ground coffee, grain coffee.

What are the coffees?

Arabica is a type of plants from which we get recognized in the world of coffee. Arabica trees grow in special climates, they are very much exposed to bacteria and insects. Therefore, to obtain the fruit of the Arabica is a laborious business.

You know that one tree can produce about 5 kg of grains. And roasted grains obtained only one kilogram of coffee. The Arabica has a pleasant aroma and mild sour taste.

Robusta is 10 times cheaper than Arabica, because a tree on which grow the beans, gives more fruit. Robusta to grow and harvest much easier. This coffee is very strong: caffeine 2 times more than Arabica. The taste, however, less intense. Coffee drinkers often combine these 2 varieties to make the drink stronger and more aromatic.

How to choose coffee?

Premium coffee is considered to be Indian, Colombian, Mexican, Ethiopian. They have a pleasant taste with a distinctive flavour and a delicate and subtle flavor. Coffee first grade is Vietnamese and Brazilian Santos. The taste is pleasantly astringent with a sour taste and a brightly expressed aroma. Coffee and class and class are strong enough.

Coffee fake

It seems that the coffee beans can not be faked. It really is quite simple. To do this, take the starch (a substitute for the carbs), add the flour and water. Also add the dye to the sugar base, which gives the mixture a caramel color. Next, add the flavoring with coffee flavor or a bit of ground coffee. All these ingredients form a mass similar to dough. Then pinch off a small piece and give it the shape of the grain. After they are roasted, and imitation grains that are not true. Some unscrupulous manufacturers even add plastic, which then settles to the bottom of the Cup.

How to recognize a fake?

Toss the corn in cold water: if it has a dye, water makeup. Also real coffee floats, it remains on the surface, and fake immediately sinks to the bottom.

Ground coffee

After all whole grains packaged, from the remnants of make ground coffee. To fake it even easier than grain. Ordinary at first glance, coffee may be just brown the flour in which the added chicory, chopped chestnuts, acorns, barley, millet and so on. Approximately 60% of people can not distinguish this pseudocode. All this is done to reduce the cost of the drink.

By the way, the shop also sold many different types of ground coffee: with strawberries, whipped cream, Irish liqueur and so on. All these unnatural coffee scents are created exclusively with the use of fragrances.

Instant coffee

According to the legend initially of instant coffee was created for American soldiers, who needed to cheer up. They could heat the water in the sun and breed in it like this. To create a soluble drink it boiled, and then dried, that is, turned it into powder and Packed in bags. This kind of coffee can be stored for quite a long time.

How to choose instant coffee?

Most instant coffee is made from Robusta beans because this variety is cheaper. Now in stores you can find instant coffee in powder and granules. The first one has not such a pronounced taste as granulated. This instant coffee should cost as much as the grain.

Coffee 3 in 1

Coffee 3 in 1 is the most touted type of coffee. It may contain coffee or sugar substitute, sugar, milk or cream, flour, modified starch. In fact, it may not be coffee, but only some other substitute with the coffee aroma. In addition to these basic ingredients may include emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners.

The most expensive coffee

The most expensive and delicious coffee is considered sort Luwak. But not everyone knows that it is made from excrement. Small animals — musangs does — eat the fruits of the coffee tree, which is then digested them in the stomach and come out. Then they are washed, dried, roasted and sold. The result is a good, real coffee. Despite the special processing method, this coffee is incredibly popular and sold in all the top restaurants in the world.