How to determine the profession at hand

Techno 20 December, 2017

2016-08-20 22:56

How to determine the profession at hand
Find out on the palm of the person, what profession it belongs to. But to find out, she will succeed, much more complicated. After all, success is built not only on the propensity occupation, but also on personal qualities. A simple summation of factors is not enough — it’s much more complicated, because before the recognition of the person often goes on a whim. However, if she enjoys certain tips (including halogen) it becomes much shorter and more enjoyable.

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As we know, one of the main lines on the palm — the love line (aka line of Saturn 1) . Most often, she talks not about a person’s life and professional activity, career, about how to develop a career. However, the main question that everyone asks in the beginning: “Whom to be?” — the line of Destiny gives no answer. She only talks about the twists and turns associated with professional activities. But the question is. And is acute, so we will try to find the answer, focusing on other signs.

Types palm: square and tapered

Classics-hnology distinguish 6 types of hands, each of which in varying degrees is able to describe the character of the owner of the hand, its inclination. In our particular case interesting 2 types: square palm and the palm is conical.

The square hand is also called the practical and, as you can guess, has a rectangular shape. This is the most common among men hand. As a rule, the owners of square palm — people practical stock, realistic about life, are socially adapted and self-confident. They are reliable, and Executive. They make good doctors, lawyers, construction workers, cooks and representatives of those professions where the required regularity and thoroughness.

The conical hand is sometimes called creative art. It resembles a sheet of wood (birch, Linden). This is the most common type of female hands. For her — a creative, sensitive, impulsive. Not always, by the way, women. They seek beauty and harmony in everything. They are artists, painters, poets, aesthetes — “eternal children” and “flowers of life”. Their motto: “Beauty will save the world!” This hand is good for scientists.

The flexibility of the palm

A significant role in the process of determining the turn played by the flexibility of the palm, which is checked by the flexibility of the thumb, and evidence of the flexibility of nature. Excessive flexibility of the palm is a sign of creative individuals. A similar picture of those who are engaged in the service sector. The same story — people whose work requires scrupulous planning or particularly hard work. Nature with flexible arm, generally of a light and soft character, credulity, superficial judgments. They are usually peaceful, friendly, don’t like being alone and generally prefer to rely on someone else’s opinion.

Stiff arm

The owners of the hard hand—people are confident, are persistence, sometimes turning into stubbornness. They are straightforward, sometimes too. Honesty may be the crystal. Their simplicity sometimes can reach up to rudeness, and judgments are distinguished by extreme conservatism. If people with flexible fingers often give in to difficulties, their counterparts go ahead. First I hope that all somehow settled down, the second say: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Stiff arm (and therefore nature) is necessary, athletes, military, police and employees of any organization where there are solid rules form (dress code) and a strict hierarchy. The stiffness of the character or the pope of aggression is pronounced, the hill of Mars 2. This is a wonderful sign for firefighters or employees other rescue services. It is believed that the star on the hill of Mars is the sign of a successful military career.


The hill of Jupiter 3 even talks about the ability to make a career. If it is convex, then the owner of this hand is important for power and recognition. The bigger the hill, the ambitious person. Convex rectangular hills typical of politicians.
The combination of a well developed hill and forward of the index finger (as if all the energy of the arms sent to Jupiter 4) is seen on the hand of the French Emperor Napoleon . Long index finger — an indicator of extraordinary ambition.
Flat hill of Jupiter is from the people at work are more interested in comfort and stability than change and liability associated with the guiding posts. Conical (diamond) hill,directed in the middle of the palm, or rather, in the mountains of the moon, the inherent creative natures.

On the hill of Jupiter can also be observed in two related careers: teacher 4 square (the intersection of several lines forming a square grid or rectangle) and dermatoglyphs (skin pattern) in the form of triradius (the star with three rays). The square teacher says about human ability to apprehend knowledge and share them with others. Triradius — a sign of a restless nature, always something wants to change in the work. Agree, not a bad quality for someone who wants to achieve a lot.

Informative and the hill of Saturn 6. His expression speaks of the ability to the exact Sciences, foreign languages, law and music. Saturn loves order, its sign, accuracy, diligence, pedantry. However, everything is good in moderation. Too strong of Saturn — fanaticism, mysticism, religiosity. Although people who are engaged in agriculture, can also be convex hill of Saturn, the Hill of the Sun (aka the hill of Apollo) — an indicator of the various creative talents, respectively — a harbinger of fame. However, the convex hill of the Sun 7 can be found on the hand of man, widely known in narrow circles.

Mercury energy is the energy of business people, entrepreneurs, traders, explorers. The curiosity inherent in “mercurial”, is a great sign for a scientist, research which aims to improve the lives. Mercury can be a short longitudinal lines which are called lines of good Samaritans. This sign is called a seal of the healer. Specified this print will succeed in medicine, though… it can simply be committed to a healthy lifestyle.

A big Month is characteristic of the emotional nature, have a rich imagination and a developed imagination. Creativity is the best way for this psycho.

Longitudinal line on the hill of the moon 9 — the distinguishing sign of travelers, navigators, and drivers. With this brand you can go to the stewards, employees of travel agencies or managers

The line Head 10 (the Mind) can also indicate the possible scope of activities. Video crossing the palm is the sign of a nature quite practical and rational. Curved on the hill of the moon the Head line is called creative. Also for creative people is characterized by the split Head line, which is called a fork of the writer. World vision writer, poet, artist, the Director is always outside the box, always different from the usual attitude that indicates the Head line of the palm.

A special sign — double line Head. With two Head lines (and there are people three!) see the world quite differently. That mark wore on his palm, Kairi — most famous palmist of all times and peoples. Two line Head — a sign of mysticism. Agree, mystic (shaman, sorcerer, fortune-teller) sees the world differently than ordinary people. I would even say, the mystic sees another world. A world of secrets and mysteries, the abode of the hereafter. What else can distinguish the hand of a professional palmist, in addition to a double Head line? A convex hill of the moon that speaks of emotional sensitivity, with a longitudinal line at the wrist, which is called line of Intuition 11. Idealistic (creative) line of the Head combined with the long (mental) hand — the sign of the psychic, the person is able to perceive information intuitively. Well, if the expert providing occult services, there on his palm the sign of the healer. This is a sign that the mystic will first take care of your karma and not about your wallet.