How to identify traits in appearance

Techno 22 January, 2018

2015-11-27 17:01

How to identify traits in appearance
Physiognomy determines a person’s character by his appearance. In Ancient China, this science was even considered one of the branches of medicine.

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It is known that a lot about a person can tell his gestures. But not knowing the “language of gestures” can be characterized by different people according to their appearance.


The structural features of the neck, shoulders, hips and feet can tell about the nature and passions of man. For example, a short neck is a clear sign of stubbornness and lack of foresight, and long is usually the melancholic. “Bull” neck testifies to the fearlessness of the man. Well, the owner of the slim neck can be considered romantic and shy person.


When communicating be sure to pay attention to the shoulders of the source. If they are narrow, the person is obviously shy, prone to self-blame. And broad shoulders serve as evidence that he is extremely brave. Broad-shouldered people often have credibility and know how to attract attention.


Massive and wide hips usually give uncompromising person. Hips rounded forms are soft and weak-willed personality. But a narrow and strong hips is a sign of strong character and stamina. By the way, slender legs to “say” about the ability to achieve goals.


Of course, people often pay attention to each other’s faces. It is therefore very important to know how to determine a person’s character by his face. So, smart man distinguished by a high and slightly bulging forehead. But the owners of narrow forehead are characterized by high temper. High receding hairline often people with a strong motivation. If the forehead of the interlocutor has a square shape, you’re dealing with a pathologically honest man.


About a person’s character can “talk” and his eyebrows. Thin eyebrows give the proud and ambitious people. Heavy eyebrows are often a sign of cruelty and brutality, and wide – this is a clear sign of sincerity and simplicity.


Deep-set eyes characterize people as greedy and envious. Wide eyes usually are real dreamers. And the owners of small eyes are rhetoric, and curiosity. By the way, narrow eyes can give a cruel man, a usurper.


Some traits can be detected and the shape of the nose. So sharp and long nose indicates strictness and temper of its owner. Frivolous and capricious people often have slightly upturned noses. Well, wide and thick nose shows a rude person.


Small mouth often happens with weak people. If a person’s upper lip a little more bottom, she is a real egoist. And the protruding lower lip characteristic of a man accustomed to receive from life what you want. Narrow mouth – is a clear symptom of stealth. Well, plump lips indicate the giggling and the courage of a man.


Often strong people who independently achieve their goals, have a large and well-defined chin. In a modest and insecure people, on the contrary, is small and unimpressive chin.