How to program your tomorrow? 3 simple steps before bed

Techno 22 January, 2018

2018-01-22 12:59

How to program your tomorrow? 3 simple steps before bed
Each of us in the morning confronted with the fact that it is very hard to get, as they say, raise – raised, and forgot to Wake up.

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Then whole day I feel broken, everything goes wrong and the day is not done and a third of that planned. Why is this happening? The thing is, As you prepare to sleep… no, we are not even that it is necessary to sleep to lay down for an hour before midnight, the thing is that before going to sleep need to do just 3 simple steps.

In fact, what you think before I go to sleep, creates your Tomorrow. For the period of time that you are in a state of sleep, your brain processes a huge amount of information, your thoughts create a chain reaction of neural and model your future.

During sleep, creates a kind of program that for tomorrow directs your actions. And we are not talking about those thoughts that you repeat in your head when just touched his head the pillow. We consider the thoughts that you think” in the first phase of sleep.

Those who practice lucid dreaming, are well-versed in this process and for everyone else we recommend the following steps:

1. Eliminate emotions. The most important thing is to be calm, not to feel any emotions – neither negative nor positive. If you are under the power of some emotion, then the starting point of the program for tomorrow will be they. If there is no emotion – it is the programming from a clean slate, meaning the brain gives the command to act on the situation.

2. Get rid of the thoughts. Learn how to get rid of the swarm of thoughts in my head.

Unable to use any techniques of getting rid of thoughts that you like. Learn to listen to silence. No thoughts before going to sleep will let you Wake up in the morning cheerful and in a good mood.

3. Relax. Yes, physically relax your body. Happened? Now listen to yourself and relax. Now listen again, most likely the back muscles, arms and legs relaxed not completely. Relax – your body should be soft. The harder you tense before going to sleep, the more strenuous day will be tomorrow.

Follow these three, at first, not very simple steps and a few days you will be surprised that the morning pleases you, your mind is clear, and everything in life is possible!