How to spoil your life every sign of the Zodiac

Techno 6 February, 2018

2018-02-06 15:58

How to spoil your life every sign of the Zodiac
We all can complicate your life and in every way to spoil their own hands, although not even aware of this report, considering what we’re doing for the benefit.

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What is characteristic in this plan for each zodiac sign , and how they are able to do destructive towards yourself?

1. RAM

You zestrea in your negativity that poisons your life. The main source of trouble is your intransigence and explosive. Others do not like to be in the midst of negative emotions, which of you rod fountain.

2. Taurus

You can’t live your own life and it destroys you. In addition, you also shanae their dissatisfaction on those closest to you if something does not go exactly as you desire. You control freak, and you just are not able to understand what control is all not in your power, because in life there are always spontaneity and unpredictability.

3. Twins

Because most of the time you do not know what you want, so you miss all the important stuff, and destiny has chosen for you partners, what, in fact, ruining your life. This also applies to your career, because you are very afraid of change. Your indecisiveness and confusion push away from you.

4. Cancer

And you are wrong to prioritize pleasing others and forgetting about yourself – this is how you spoil your life. You control your feelings and emotions, they do not give you to sleep you and fully possess you. In a relationship you give yourself and let other people dominate you.

5. Lion

You keep thinking that vulnerability is weakness. You become an expert in the concealment of their true feelings and pretending you don’t care and you have a heart of stone. All of these actions can lead to the fact that you will be the most lonely man on this planet. Denial of emotions is what makes you weak.

6. Deva

To be overly hard on yourself is what kills you. You also overshadow himself and his own needs in favor of others. You are very critical of yourself, and you are only focused on their own shortcomings. The problem lies within you, because you are your own biggest enemy.

7. Scale

You also one of those altruists, who spend their lives pleasing others and ignoring your own needs. People use your kindness and you prefer in such cases to remain silent, so as not to offend and not to offend inadvertently. And this is your great problem that prevents you to live comfortably and productively.

8. Scorpius

You think you don’t deserve love and that it is better to be alone, and it ruins your life. Partner or friends easy to get along with you all through your stubbornness and inability to forgive. Your heart is incredibly difficult to reach, and selfishness is your biggest flaw.

9. Sagittarius

Your constant inner fears – that’s what’s poisoning your life. The thought of failure drives you into a stupor and forces us to abandon any actions and deeds, that you are planning to do. You also tend a lot to plan and dream, but unable to focus on the implementation of at least one of your ideas.

10. Capricorn

Do you think that you always have someone to compete with, and it depresses you. The pressure you have on yourself, gives you to enjoy life. You work too hard, not knowing when to stop and take a breath. Take breaks, because then you will be able to see what is really going on around you.

11. Aquarius

You can’t let go of the past and it is affecting your future and destroys your life. You can’t forgive yourself for some mistake he had made, and it makes you your own worst enemy. You somehow think you are much better to be alone and alienate even those people who is perfect for you.

12. Pisces

You have an amazing tendency to choose the wrong people in my life, and it spoils. People born under your sign are perhaps the most kind and helpful, but you are always in contact with toxic personalities visochayshiy of you all the positive energy and smukowski you think you deserve the pain that they cause.