How underwear affects sexual life

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 11:03

How underwear affects sexual life
Fashion fashion, but men’s health is not as much depends on the type of underwear

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Scientists do not cease to emphasize the fact that properly selected style can negatively affect your sex life, reports Rus.Media.

Experts note that underwear that squeeze the genitals, provoking the deterioration of an erection and reduce the quality of sperm. The latter, incidentally, can considerably affect the likelihood of becoming a dad.

According to scientific studies, too tight underwear minimizes blood flow to the testicles, causing the genitals increases the temperature, and the concentration of sperm is reduced by 14%. Note that to normal levels, their number will be back in a few months.

What type of underwear is better not to wear? First of all, about the close of the melting, narrow boxers, and thongs. If we have several pairs of these pants – wear them rarely. But to joke in relation to the family of cowards not worth it, because scientists claim that this is the most secure type of underwear.