HTC U11: First steps with the best photophone on the market!

Techno 21 July, 2017

OMG, I finally have the opportunity to take charge of the HTC U11. This smartphone, which is considered to be the best photophone on the market, has an uncompromising technical data sheet and a sick feature, the Edge Sense. Here are my first impressions!

The U11 is, in my eyes, the smartphone that stands out the most on the market. The Taiwanese flagship offers a new way to interact with a high-end phone. Thanks to the Edge Sense, simply press the U11 to start several actions (camera, flashlight, etc.). On top of that, the flagship has a virtual assistant that can learn your preferences to make your life easier. As if that was not enough, the terminal is equipped with a very powerful technical sheet (QHD screen 2.560×1.440 pixels, Snapdragon 835 …). And now that the HTC U11 has arrived at the editorial office, I am in all my states. Nothing but the packaging of this smartphone that is more powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S8 according to AnTuTu gave me as many shivers as the collab ‘Supreme x Louis Vuitton.

Aesthetically, the front panel of the HTC U11 does not have this wow side that would distinguish the device easily. Personally, I think the borders above and below the screen already belong to the past. But the back cover of this smartphone raises the level. She throws it. Whether it’s red, black, blue or white, it’s just sublime. I would still have liked that it does not turn into a fingerprint magnet, only 2 seconds after unpacking the terminal. It’s a shame but fortunately, the transparent shell provides with the smartphone changes the deal. Very good to take in hand, the HTC U11 impressed me and I can not wait to gauge its power and its characteristics in a complete test. In the meantime, I could have a little fun with his camera at the editorial office.

On the occasion of a live around a customization of the Puma Tsugi Shinsei in Game of Thrones mode, I was able to immortalize the pair that was customized by SneakersnChill. Aside from the zoom, I have not touched the camera settings and for a first use of the HTC U11, I find that the camera tutoie perfection. The 12-megapixel sensor with a f / 1.7 aperture does not miss any detail, and optical stabilization does wonders. Its auto-focus is very fast and the color rendering is excellent. In short, I finally understand why DxOMark considers him the best photophone of the moment! Strongly my test no?