Hubble made the eating of galaxy black hole

Techno 16 January, 2018

2018-01-16 09:42

Hubble made the eating of galaxy black hole
The object is located at a distance of 900 million light years from Earth.

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Scientists using a range of instruments, including the Hubble space telescope, have discovered an unusual object which consists of two huge bubbles of hot gas, passes Rus.Media. As reported on the website of the telescope, one of the bubbles expands and the other slowly fades.

And that expands, is a supermassive black hole that engulfs the galaxy, located in the upper part of the image. This cosmic “monster” is at a distance of 900 million light years from Earth and known as SDSS J1354 + 1327. Top large galaxy known as SDSS J1354 + 1328.

Supermassive black holes can have a mass equivalent to the mass of billion suns, located in the centre of most galaxies (including our milky Way). These black holes can “eat” its own environment, forcing Shine active galactic nuclei. However, this process of “feeding” is not continuous, since it depends on how much matter is available for use by the black hole. If the surrounding material graduate and irregular, active galactic nucleus, too, will Shine fickle and sometimes change the intensity of their glow.

According to scientists, this happened with the black hole SDSS J1354 + 1327. If you look at the top galaxy, you can notice two separate outflows of material. The first outbreak of “feeding” created the dying of the lower thread material which has a size of 33 thousand light years. After about 100 thousand years a second outbreak has spawned a radiant outflow that exits the top of the galaxy.