Hug your children, then they will be smarter

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 12:54

Hug your children, then they will be smarter
Research result.hugs and love is essential to brain development of the child.

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A new study shows that the more you hug the child, the better it will develop his brain, reports Rus.Media.

This study conducted the national children’s hospital in Ohio (“Nationwide children’s Hospital in Ohio”). The experiment involved 125 infants among whom were premature. The aim of the study was to learn how the brain responds to physical touch.

Researchers examined 125 full-term and premature infants by analyzing their response to physical touch.

As it turned out, premature infants respond to a contact is much weaker than full-term. However, the main result is that in all infants after physical contact with parents or hospital staff sharply activated brain activity.

As explained by Dr. Nathalie Maitre, a simple touch and rocking in her arms have a significant impact on a child’s brain development.

“Ensuring positive contact from moms and dads need to ensure that the brain of a premature baby reacted to physical contact the same way as the brain of the newborn infant, nurtured completely.”

In other words showing care, affection and love is extremely necessary to ensure that the child began to develop faster and better.

Giving the child proper attention and care, you make him happy, blissful, joyful — it’s all thanks to the magic of the chemical substance oxytocin, which is produced in our bodies. The production of oxytocin affects your social behavior and your ability to communicate with loved ones.

During pregnancy, the relationship between a mother and her Chad has already begun. The mother’s body releases oxytocin, which will encourage positive behavior before the child will be born.

This is the basis of reproduction and child care. Oxytocin helps mothers to create an inseparable bond with the child, because caring about our kids helps us to live among other species.

This substance has a significant impact on reproductive and maternal behavior. People know oxytocin as the “love molecule”.

Breastfeeding, contact skin-to-skin and mother’s milk stimulate the production of oxytocin in mothers and their children.

The studies were able to establish that contact with the child through physical touch, especially if it’s a hug increases the levels of oxytocin in the body. This not only establishes a warm relationship between father and child, but also can reduce social deficits, when the children are older.

Remember: hugs and love are essential for brain development of the child.