Human evolution has ended, ahead the degradation – scientists

Techno 14 December, 2017

2017-12-14 13:54

Human evolution has ended, ahead the degradation – scientists
People peaked in biological characteristics, convinced the team of experts in the field of medicine, genetics and anthropology

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They analyzed data over the past 120 years, reports Rus.Media.

Found out that the performance of the key factors – life expectancy, growth and physical abilities – humanity never progresses.

“Modern society has reached its own borders. We are the first generation that is aware,” says Professor of medicine Jean-françois Toussaint.

The maximum recorded lifespan did not exceed about 120 years. The average growth since the 1980s remains at the level of about 170 cm for women and 180 cm for men. Speed recovery of sports scores plummeted.

Scientists believe that significant environmental change can force us again to “roll back” to its original size and lifetime.

“The reduction of human possibilities that we see today indicates that changes in the environment, including climate. Over the last decade in some African countries the average growth of residents has decreased. This shows that some communities can no longer zabezpecovaci adequate food for all children, support healthy living conditions for them,” says Professor Toussaint.