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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


Frédéric Riboni and Marie-Philomène Millat are looking for today, Tuesday, July 11, on NT1, The ideal Address. Check out the one that will compete with Stéphane Plaza.

Marie-Philomène Millat, 29 years old, do not give up as long as it has not found the address is likely to meet the expectations of its customers. Strong of 15 years of experience and has a diploma of design in interior space, Frederick Riboni, is an eye expert on a property that he visited. The duo tries to meet the requirements of families seeking to stay in Ile-de-France. “here is summarized the missions of a couple of animators who had just landed this Tuesday, on NT1, in the tv program The Ideal.


A program adapted from the English version ” rental, Rental, Leasing,” in which two real estate agents should appeal to the viewers by their ease, their humor, their reactivity and their numerous councils, because it is the objective of this program who invests in the niche previously operated by Stéphane Plaza and the M6 group.


And it is on the shoulders of Frédéric Riboni and Marie-Philomène Millat are the hopes of success. This last one with 20 clients per month and not less than 30 sales for the year, is one of the best agents of its network. Professional seasoned, the young woman of 29 years, specialized in the research of property in the paris region, was identified after the production of the program has opened the door of his agency in Paris during a casting call of the wild.


Seduced by the challenge, the Savoyard in origin, then said yes. Because ” we are filmed doing our business, so it did not make me afraid “, comes to explain the expert in real estate to our colleagues from Paris Match. And to add :It is a profession of passion. It was not hard to do the show because it corresponds to our everyday work. We have not been asked to play a role.

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