Infinite Warfare Call of Duty: The Test

Techno 4 November, 2016

vous-incarnerez-le-capitaine-reyes-accompagneThe new futuristic episode of Call of Duty, Infinity Warfare, finally arrived in stores. player campaign, Zombies and multi fashion … Spotlight on the new Call’of!

” That may be the war of the future, but it’s still a struggle to the old .” A phrase that corresponds to Call of Duty Warfare Infinite, which you were presented a zoom at the Paris Games Week last few days. An episode that writing could test exclusively and in full last week. A futuristic game, as advertised, but that may be less than what gamers have felt until the release of the game, but before a more complete analysis, short stop on the pitch.. In Call of Duty: Infinite warfare you play as Captain Nick Reyes , commander of the vessel after the Retribution Adler captain was killed on duty by the Settlement Defense Front , a terrorist organization in war against the Earth to impose its domination on the world and on the inhabited universe. With your team, you will have on the ground and in the air, eradicate the threat of the SDF and its leader, Admiral Salen Koch (played by Kit Harrington).

Back to the Future
This new episode respects the codes of the Call of Duty franchise while bringing a wave of freshness on the gameplay and the game world . A much larger public title that should still please the hardcore gamers, a little reluctant to change as radically decor as was seen after the first announcement. It includes the original atmosphere of the series, namely infiltration and tactical military combat, but also weapons mainly to bullets (the futuristic weapons are present, but do not spoil the fun of the classic players, playing Call of Duty for years). The crafting of weapons is also possible for an ever made more interesting . The futuristic look is really present, but not in any way taint the way you play and the overall atmosphere of the franchise, still in ultra-patriotic. He even brings a new fluidity to the gameplay and a new way to approach a battle , especially with the weightless phases of play in space, interesting enough to play and why your will grab your best friend, but also with the jetpack , good practice in some areas of the game.

Lost in Space

And small novelty that did not leave indifferent Editor aerial combat. As announced, you can pilot your own ship for fighting in the crazy enough space where you have to destroy opposing buildings. The controls are simple enough to learn, intuitive enough, which makes it quite comfortable riding . When one is attacked by homing missiles (yeah, otherwise it would not be funny), it is possible you send shafts story to divert attention. It is quite realistic and very addictive. The enemy has no mercy, and small as large ships will attack you if you get too close. So we have to fly in all directions to get to defeat your enemy. A real added value to the single player campaign offers with these stages fights anything other than combat classical soil . And dogfights which, admittedly, is rather successful.

Fan of the 80s’

The game Infinity Ward and Activision also offers other modes of play, such as the Zombies mode. Entitled Zombies in Spaceland , this mode of Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite takes place, such as writing to you announced a few weeks ago, in an amusement park on the theme of space in fashion 80 years and c. is there all the delirium of this mode: guest completely crazy (David Hasselhoff DJ, Paul Reubens in MC), 80s music (Europe, Frankie goes to Hollywood …), held fluorescent clothing in “Veronique & Davina “… only waiting for the Roller Dance … the two worlds (Years 80 and space), which seemed quite incompatible at first, could not better stick together . Probably one of the most interesting of all the game modes: it’s totally enjoyable, fun continues while letting off steam on the fan aerobics zombie. The single player mode is interesting for those who like to play alone, but the co-op to four is much more fun, especially if you like playing with your buddies . A fashion zombies that will make you enjoy a great evening zany and wacky …


Finally, multiplayer mode offers a multitude of game modes not knowing what to do . And this time it’s much less repetitive than what one would have thought, even if the choice of maps is not very large at the moment, the game modes (deathmatch team, domination, defense , etc.) are enough to renew the style of play and tactics to use . Little bonus mode for Gun Games in which you start with a small handgun for, every kill, have access to a larger weapon, more powerful (even if you end the throwing knife at the end).

You play as the captain Reyes, accompanied by his second

In short, Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite is certainly a public episode, but in the tradition that offers franchising . Everyone is benefiting. A title that will give matter for hardcore gamers on how to approach the enemy, and that will allow novices to set foot in the stirrup to one day become, perhaps, a hardcore gamer in turn. C ‘ is while being nervous fluid, and it puts our mobility and speed of action to the test . A game that writing urge you to obtain, especially for the Zombies mode that worth a visit, and that makes Call of Duty:. Infinite Warfare one of the best this year you able to test this new Call of Duty?