IPad Pro 10.5 inches: Apple unveils two new ads

Techno 11 July, 2017

It’s always fun. Apple unveils two new ads touting the merits of its new iPad Pro 10.5 inches. Two videos that will instantly make you crave for this revolutionary new tablet. Look at it!

We still remember the two iPad ads inspired by tweets. It was already very funny! But today Apple is showing more and more humor. Indeed, the firm of Cupertino unveils two new videos. Once again inspired by the complaints of Internet users, these two advertisements praise the merits of the new iPad Pro 10.5 inches, in particular its new chip or the new Keyboard Smart Keyboard also tested and validated by the editing of meltyStyle. So, in the first ad (below) titled “As much as you love,” a pretty rebellious surfer says “hate everything” in a tweet. Persuaded to be able to make him change his opinion on everything, the voice-off of Apple then speaks: “Then you will hate the new iPad Pro because you can almost do everything with (…)! “.

In the second advertisement entitled “A whole new kind of computer”, a visitor sadly announces to his community that “[my] computer has just died! #Good Monday “. Before escaping to the afterlife, the ghost of his late computer gives him some final advice: “I may be dead, but let me tell you a very last thing. You should take the new iPad Pro with its chip Fusion A10X super powerful you will be in good hands! “. Nostalgic of his old laptop, this certain Drake could however easily be tempted by the new tablet of Apple … So with the iPad Pro 10,5 under iOS 11, is it still necessary to buy a computer in 2017?