IPad: Two new ads tout the merits of the tablet!

Techno 12 July, 2017

Apple puts a maximum on its tablet: the famous iPad Pro. The firm also took the opportunity to unveil two new ads that tout the merits of its famous connected product!

Despite falling sales, Apple seems to believe hard in the future of its iPad (born almost three years before the iPhone has been learned lately!). However, users seem much more interested in smartphones that offer just as much, more, than the firm’s tablets (and other brands in general). To increase its figures in free fall, the firm decided to unveil two new advertisements with the same formula as before: respond to parodic tweets. The first one highlights the fact that with the iPad, everything is possible: almost as much as with a computer!

Because yes: Apple has decided to make its tablet a true stand-alone computer to allow to take on a new market. A formula that seems to work well with many users. The second ad for the iPad, on which iOS 11 can be installed, also goes in this direction. We discover a man whose computer has just returned the soul and who advises him … to take an iPad Pro! The object benefits even to praise the merits of the Fusion A10X chip of the product made in Apple. With this, more doubts, Apple wants to relaunch force his iPad with a well-trained marketing.