IPhone 7. Owners complain about the new problem

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 11:07

IPhone 7. Owners complain about the new problem
After numerous complaints of users on the forums, Apple admitted that some models of the iPhone 7 are prone to problems with communication

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It all started about six months ago, when they began to appear the first reports from owners of the iPhone 7 that their devices no longer “see” the cellular network. Representatives of the “Apple” of the Corporation told how to rectify the situation, reports Rus.Media.

According to the owners of the troubled smartphone after a few months of use the machine suddenly stops taking the mobile network signal. Rebooting does not solve the problem. In other words, one of the main functions of the gadget just does not work.

Apple acknowledged the problem and stated that it occurs in some devices, released from September 2016 to February 2018 and sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and the United States. According to the company, the loss of a mobile network is due to failure of one of the components on the Board. The manufacturer has promised that in case of detection of this problem, the iPhone 7 can apply to a certified service center, where they are completely free to be repaired.

All those who have previously paid for the repair, can contact Apple for the refund.