IPhone 7: Three months before the iPhone 8, should it still be purchased?

Techno 11 July, 2017

The iPhone 8 will be officialized in less than three months. Is this the right time to crack for the iPhone 7 in this summer sales period? MeltyStyle gives you some leads.

You’re about to crack for an iPhone 7? Almost a year after its presentation, it must be said that the smartphone of the brand to the apple still dominates the competition. The dual photo sensor of the Plus model, its A10 Fusion or 3D Touch processor make it a very high-end device in 2017. During summer sales, the phone even has the right to beautiful promos, and its price Ceases to decline. It can easily be found at around 600-700 €, with a large storage capacity. Is it nevertheless a good idea to buy it now? With the iPhone 8, equipped with wireless charging according to iOS 11, which happens in less than three months, it may be wise to wait a little. The promos around the iPhone 7 should thus multiply.

It would be stupid to buy the iPhone 7 today. In a few weeks, the smartphone should indeed see its price drop. With the officialized iPhone 8, the dealers will indeed try to empty their stocks of the old generation with great promo strokes. The second-hand market should also be interesting. The Bon Coin will become the best place to buy an iPhone 7 at a good price in a few weeks! The discount on Apple smartphones is less important than that of Android phones, but you should be able to find an iPhone 7, a gold case, around 500 € during the month of September. Patience is therefore necessary to save a few hundred euros.