IPhone 8: New renderings revealed by a seller of cases

Techno 21 July, 2017

It sometimes happens that the design of a smartphone is revealed before its release by a reseller. Here, it is a seller of cases that will have sold the wick unveiling the long awaited iPhone 8!

Today, Apple fans can feel happy. The vendor Nodus would have unveiled the design of the future iPhone 8, a delay in the delivery of components could put it in difficulty. The unveiled images show the future flagship inlaid directly to Nodus products and allow to admire a result that seems to come closer to reality. The finishes are reminiscent of an Apple product and the presence of the borderless screen, as the rumors evoked, is noticed. According to Nodus, who contacted igen, a French specialist in Apple products, these reports would come directly from a source close to the manufacturer.

It remains to be seen if Nodus plays the bluff card to point out its products or if the latter has unveiled the iPhone 8, which recently proposed colorful concepts. But the seller did not stop there since he also published several images of the smartphone, allowing to discover it almost entirely! In short, Apple’s aficionados can only rejoice in this potential leak. Of course, as with any leak, it will have to wait for the confirmation of the builder himself. As we know, the false rumors, it is not what it misses on the canvas when the smartphones are in play …