IPhone 8: Photos of a second prototype of the smartphone have leaked!

Techno 21 July, 2017

The designers of the iPhone 8 have worked on several prototypes. And lately, pictures of a chassis have been unveiled by a Chinese source. Nothing to do with the iPhone that is expected today.

The launch of the iPhone 8 is scheduled for the re-entry, but it has already revealed a lot. Its glass slab and borderless design are probably more unknown to you, especially if you read meltyStyle. But what you may not know is that several prototypes were born before the future iPhone 8 is finally selected. And precisely, photos of the chassis of one of them have recently leaked on cnmo.com. If these pictures do not show the terminal, the chassis, thus exposed, allows to glimpse the lines and the design that could have adopted the smartphone of the Apple. We can guess the locations provided for its various modules, including that reserved for its possible fingerprint reader, although it is unclear whether the iPhone 8 in its final version will be endowed or not.

From the little we see, we guess a smartphone much more modest than the one we already know. Less ambitious, more conventional, this version is much less glamorous than the one expected. It is therefore very unlikely that this chassis is that of the iPhone that will be presented in the coming autumn. Arriving in time to blow its 10th candle, the smartphone has every interest to be more innovative than its consorts and do not especially rest on its laurels. Unusual design, revolutionary technologies, high-end … Apple intends to regale its fans, especially since it will be limited in number, initially. Finally, at least, we know its date of production.