IPhone 8: Sales will be disappointing for Apple according to German analysts

Techno 17 July, 2017

As enthusiasm climbs as the days move closer to the launch of the iPhone 8, in Germany the optimism is showered. Deutsche Bank does not believe in the sales record for the future smartphone.

Every year, Apple launches a new iPhone and as a cycle starts again, pre-orders and sales tend to go up. The company of Cupertino intends to reissue its blow with the iPhone 8 whose sale price is not likely to please you. Despite the high sums, Apple has its audience, it is undeniable. Yet, while the next smartphone of the apple is expected to fall, a certain pessimism has reached the Germans of Deutsche Bank. Three business analysts left a note that Business Insider was able to procure on which they are reporting their doubt about a record sale of the iPhone 8. Should Apple care?

Yet the iPhone 8 should mark a real change of generation. Apple will drastically modify the design of its smartphone by eliminating the Home button and leaving room for a borderless screen whose resolution would take place on the entire front panel. Despite this, Deutsche Bank goes against the predictions of Wall Street which sees the opposite. The New York stock market expects unprecedented sales well beyond the iPhone 6 when it comes out. Deutsche Bank has been mistaken in recent months when it comes to Apple’s smartphone, as our colleagues from Digital Ere points out. Between the non-release of an iPhone 8 this year and the non-presence of EarPods with Lightning connector for iPhone 7, German predictions prove false for now. Apple would therefore have no worries to be made, the firm can work quietly on its iPhone OLED murmured on the web.