IPhone 8: The mystery remains around TouchID

Techno 21 July, 2017

The borderless design of the iPhone 8 would force TouchID to reinvent itself. A few weeks from his announcement, the hypotheses are multiplying around his new form.

The main novelty of the iPhone 8 should be its look. Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the headed smartphone should adopt a borderless design. This new formfactor will force Californian engineers to completely rethink TouchID. Technology introduced with the iPhone 5S, it has already evolved over the generations of the device, but it will have to reinvent itself with the iPhone 8 … to hope not to disappear. One of the most important rumors was that Apple did not equip its fingerprint sensor phone. This could be completely replaced by a 3D recognition technology, such as
Windows Hello. But this is not the only hypothesis concerning the new life of TouchID.

For months, it was believed that TouchID would be integrated directly in the screen of the iPhone 8. It would be enough to place a finger on a predefined zone so that the device unlocks. A small revolution, which many Android manufacturers have failed to achieve. However, it seems that Apple is also having a hard time producing this solution in very large quantities. At the latest news, TouchID “in the screen” would be delayed. It would have to wait for the iPhone 8s / 9 of 2018. Too bad, because it could have been a novelty that would have made a lot of noise.

TouchID could also change places. As on some Android smartphones, the sensor could be positioned on the back of the phone, just below the Apple logo. A natural location for the finger that has already proved its worth in the past. Latest rumor in date: an integration in the home button. Nodus, manufacturer of accessories, has indeed published several models of iPhone 8 with a more impressive home button. For Gordon Kelly – a Forbes journalist – there’s no doubt about it: it’s TouchID’s new place! Apple even filed a patent in this direction some time ago. Where will the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 8? Answer in September.