IPhone 8: Unfolding a fake iPhone 8 RED!

Techno 11 July, 2017

The iPhone 8 is not out yet. But many counterfeits appear on the web, especially in China. So discover the very first (and certainly what will be the only) unpacking a real-fake iPhone 8 RED.

The iPhone 8, whose price will hurt our bank account, has not even been unveiled by Apple, but it is no longer so rare to see false versions, especially versions made in China, be Presented on the web. The chain EveryApplePro has thus obtained one of the last “false” models currently on the market: an iPhone 8 RED, that the administrator of the channel nicknamed “iPhone 8 China Version”. And as if it were a real iPhone, straight out of the factories of the firm of Cupertino, the latter realizes a video called “unpacking” and presents us the device under all the seams. At first glance, the packaging is almost identical to that of the iPhone marketed by Apple. The logo of the apple appears and a serial number is even on the back of the box, which actually does not correspond to anything. In short, every detail is thought to reproduce an illusion close to perfection!

The device is then removed from its packaging, which also includes EardPods Lighting and an AC adapter to USB. By analyzing the design more closely, the administrator of the channel Youtube judges the facade of this iPhone “a little funky”. Indeed, while some rumors announce a screen without edges or even a screen covering the entire surface of the iPhone 8, here a wide and strange white frame surrounds the screen. It’s not very aesthetic, let’s face it! The color of red is more orange and more “glossy”

“Than the original hue unveiled by Apple earlier this year. Other physical and technical differences are to be deplored: the size of the control buttons in particular, the location of the camera, or the quality of the image tested outside. Even worse, the iPhone 8 RED Made in China runs on iOS 11, the future version of Apple’s operating system of which a public beta is currently available for iPhone and iPad.