IPhone SE: Its 4 small thumbs would prevent the release of its successor in 2017

Techno 20 July, 2017

After doubling the storage capacity of its iPhone SE in 2017, will Apple launch a successor to its iPhone? This is the question that meltyStyle will try to answer.

Is the iPhone SE going to be entitled to a successor? The small 4-inch smartphone has a technical datasheet that allows it to compete with the larger ones. But if the headed smartphone saw its storage capacity doubling in 2017, it still kept its characteristics (chip A9, camera of 2 Mpx and 2 GB of RAM). All at a low price, especially on the various merchant sites in France. Can we hope for an evolution of the iPhone SE? Answers in the next lines of my column.

If the iPhone SE has seduced many Android users, the demand is not necessarily extraordinary. Nowadays, smartphones of 5 inches (and more) are a great success. Certainly Apple has hit a big hit by marketing its first iPhone at less than 500 euros but that does not mean that the iPhone SE still has good days ahead. According to some rumors on the web, the firm of Cupertino could launch a new iPhone type SE that would look much like the iPhone 6s. Again, the highlight of this terminal would be its very affordable price. The rumor speaks of a tariff close to 399 euros. One thing is for sure, everything is possible with Apple!