IPhone: Some models soon banned in the United States

Techno 11 July, 2017

A war of interest is currently raging on American soil. The case between Qualcomm and Apple could have disastrous consequences on sales of some iPhone, including the iPhone 7 and the future iPhone 8. Explanations.

It is a decision that will not do Apple’s business … But it is also the “potential” conclusions of a long-standing dispute. Indeed, Apple and Qualcomm are waging a merciless war following an alleged patent infringement. The first is accused by the second to have used technologies in the design of some iPhone, especially the latest iPhone 7 today available at 500 euros and the future iPhone 8 expected next fall. Two models of iPhone circulate on American soil (depending on the mobile operators): iPhone with a Qualcomm chip and other integrating an Intel 4G chip.

Seized the case, the Competition Authority and the California District Court have still not rendered their verdict in this lawsuit and have therefore not announced a potential sanction against Apple. But the American media is anticipating the matter. According to them, Qualcomm hoping a ban on iPhone sales with an Intel 4G chip could win. Result of the races: a reduction in the number of iPhone 7 (and iPhone 8) marketed across the Atlantic and a significant increase in Qualcomm’s turnover in the North American market. But if we reassure ourselves, if this decision were to be taken, it could take effect in several months. Until then, the Cupertino firm will certainly have found a way to circumvent such a sanction to hope to sell a lot of units of the iPhone 8, the price of which however may not please us!