IPhone: Three OLED models in preparation!

Techno 11 July, 2017

Will Apple finally equip its iPhone with OLED displays? According to a Japanese site, this would soon be the case. Better still: the firm expects three models with this technology!

IPhone with OLED screens, did you dream? It seems that Apple is about to take the plunge. Of course, like all rumors, this one is to be taken with tweezers but impossible not to be excited at this idea. According to the Japanese Nikkei site, the firm will not offer one but three models with an OLED display. The question is: will the iPhone 8, of which a model of the smartphone unveiled in video, be part of it? There is a good chance that yes! It will in any case wait for its potential presentation during the traditional keynote Apple next September.

But beware. Nikkei also says that demand is very strong for OLED displays, so production could not follow. What will endanger this technology for the next apple smartphones? This possibility had already been mentioned as much less available stocks. One thing is certain: the iPhone 8, which could have a 3D scanner in place of the Touch ID, remains one of the most anticipated smartphones. After the good sales of the iPhone 7, Apple intends to re-offend and offer one of the best phones on the market. And given the competition on the latter, we will have to go strong!