Is it harmful to cook in the microwave?

Techno 13 December, 2017

2017-12-13 21:43

Is it harmful to cook in the microwave?
On the Internet sometimes you can find conflicting opinions of experts. Who to believe?

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SO “Food from the microwave oven includes a microwave energy in the molecules, which are not present in food cooked the traditional way”, reports Rus.Media.

No “Recently, the world health organization has unequivocally answered the question, is it harmful to cook in the microwave: recognized security products that have undergone a treatment”.

Verdict: NOT BAD

The nutritionist from the clinic Medi-Sphere Victor Blagoev said that foods cooked in a microwave oven, do change their structure, as they say opponents of the microwave.

Denature proteins, fats melt, the cell walls are destroyed. All as in conventional cooking, frying or stewing.

The only way to suffer from the microwave to be subjected to the direct influence of electromagnetic microwaves.

But at food wave transfer energy to the water molecules and fade away. It remains only to go into the microwave yourself, but the instructions do not recommend.