It costs more to feed when you live alone

News 16 March, 2018
  • Photo Marie-Ève Dumont
    Céline Perrier often buys prepared meals and dishes, like pot pie frozen, rather than cook, since she lives alone.

    Marie-Eve Dumont

    Friday, 16 march, 2018 01:00

    Friday, 16 march, 2018 01:00

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    People who live alone, the number of which is growing in the country, often have to provide more money for food since they are buying more in individual formats and choose the restaurant.

    “It is sure that it cost me more expensive. Mostly I eat things that are already ready. I’m going to do a big grocery shop monthly and I complete subsequently. And I eat more at the restaurant “, tells the story of Fallom Cruz, 29-year-old, who lives alone in Montreal.

    The people consulted by The Newspaper, spend around $ 100 per week for food, which includes groceries, household products, restaurant and alcohol.

    The amount per person allocated for food is higher than what have referred many families to the Journal this week, which arrive at the grocery store with less than $ 200 for four people.

    Quebecers are more likely than ever to live alone. They are even champions of life solo in Canada, with 33.3% of residents compared to 28% for the country as a whole, according to data from the last census of Statistics Canada.

    Most of the small portions

    “I’m not going in the grocery stores more family because the portions are too big. I know that if I buy a whole chicken, I’m going to have of the loss, so I prefer to take just a chest, ” adds Céline Perrier, 66, who likes to take the time to browse the aisles to find the best products.

    The sales portion singular, moreover, are growing in Canada, according to Sylvain Charlebois, dean of the Faculty of management at Dalhousie University, in Halifax.

    “The number of people living alone is likely to increase in the coming years, it is an interesting market, especially for grocery stores to be more specialized. It is certain that the eight servings sold individually will be more expensive than if you bought a whole cake, there is more work behind it “, he explains.

    These people also say that it is much less fun to cook only for themselves, and to come together to prepare a good meal.

    “I hate to cook when I’m alone. It costs me a lot too expensive to buy all the ingredients, having too much and having to throw away half of it, then I de-motivates them totally, ” said Charlotte Poitras, 22 years.


    Just like the big families, some people decide when buying in big quantity and freeze or store what’s left for later. It must, however, have the space, they say.

    “If you don’t have a freezer, forget it, you can’t get there. I buy the ground pork to make spaghetti sauce, I freeze everything. I take several chicken pies when they come on special. It is necessary to have the place to keep it all, ” insists Eric Barnaby, who lives alone in the borough of Sainte-Foy, Quebec.