It is not because it is small it may not be great!

News 13 March, 2018
  • Marjorie Champagne

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018 07:48

    Tuesday, 13 march 2018 07:59

    Look at this article

    *from 11 to 17 march, this is the week of a quebec intellectual disability. So I left everything up to Linda Chevrette, author of this post.

    In the title of this article, the word “SMALL” takes on a certain shape. For me, this word usually means to be weak or to be different.

    We, the people, have more trouble finding work than others. We have, however, the intelligence of the heart and great sensitivity is often understood as vulnerability.

    The word “GREAT” now.

    These are individuals who find a job more easily. They are more aggressive and have a large social network. They know how to orient themselves in their choice of career because they have studied. The big ones are the ordinary people. We, the SMALL, doing internship of supervised work to improve our self-reliance, but with a lower salary than a “great” person.

    At the age of seven years old, sitting at my desk, I wrote my first poem.

    Thirty-three years later, I still live this passion! I have four books of poetry, and I dream of the launch of my fifth which is in gestation: “Portraits, over travels…”

    During a benefit concert, I remember receiving a standing ovation. It was after reciting my poem “Live” at the Palais Montcalm with students of the special school take-Off and the pupils of The violin School of my big sister Anne-Hélène Chevrette.

    It is here that Mary Baker Lemieux (the director of The Association for the social integration region of Québec) me discovery. She invited me to become their spokesperson.


    Ten years later, I continue to testify to raise awareness in high school, in college, in business and in a variety of settings. In addition, I participate in radio interviews, on tv and in the press conference. I am also part of the members of the board of directors of the AQIS.

    I write articles in magazines: the Home of the Adult of Charlesbourg, The Equity and the AISQ. I’m involved as a volunteer at several locations, including the group’s spiritual Faith and Light, in which I am in charge of birthday parties, making cards for them.

    The dance.

    Since always, I live my passion for dance. I was three years old when I attended my first choreography on the music of the musical comedy of the orphaned red-haired Annie. I was very cute with my red dress under the gaze of my teacher, Patricia, who to me was part of her group of ballerinas hopping!

    Thirty-six years later, I run to buy me boots for a special issue of Gumboots for the international folk dance and ballet shoes classical dance creative productions Entr’actes.

    It is a path that passes by the hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, dance social, ballet, Zumba, aerobic dancing, and african which leads to the improvised dancing Biodanza. Biodanza allows me to go further in my contact with me and with others to meet me and me regenerate after a difficult period.

    For the past 10 years, I have my lover, Francis, with whom I am now betrothed.

    In summary, I bring my light, my gentleness, my courage, my perseverance and my curiosity of my surroundings. I have an artistic sense pronounced. I am lovely to my hours and touching in my testimonials.

    All of this is my contribution to society !

    Thank you for reading.

    My greetings to all and to all,

    Linda Chevrette