Japanese radicals fired at the gate of the Association of North Korean citizens In the World : Vladim

News 23 February, 2018

Law enforcement officials Tokyo was recorded the shooting incident, the gate of the main office residing in the territory of Japanese citizens to North Korea (“chonin”). Representatives of the local news Agency Kyodo in detail told about the incident.


Radicals reportedly pulled up to the building to the car and fired several shots on target from the weapon, the type of which will be announced later. Fortunately, they were detained quickly enough, after all, far from headquarters “shanren” on duty law enforcement.

The building is located in Central Tokyo’s Chiyoda district, who after the shooting was cordoned off by law enforcement officials. By this time it became known that the suspects are members of local organizations that are classified as ultra-nationalists. Japanese media later even provided their names. “Arrows” charged with illegal possession of weapons. Motives of their act while trying to install the investigating authorities.

“Cheren”, as noted, not only deals with the Association of immigrants from North Korea to Japan, but also operates as an informal representative of Pyongyang in Tokyo, as diplomatic relations between Japan and the DPRK are not supported.