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Entertainment 30 January, 2018


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Julie Gayet and François Hollande are not hiding anymore. The actress now speaks freely. Focus on their new life made up of small getaways for two.

Over the life of the shadow that she had imposed when his companion was in charge of the France. ” I have always been free, and I’ll stay, ” promised Julie Gayet on C News , Tuesday, 30 January, when she came to talk about endometriosis. She, however, added : “I am not at all alone, but we are free.” The couple Hollande-Gayet is no longer concealed. They appeared, hand in hand, the funeral of Johnny Hallyday in December last year for the first time in an official ceremony.

Very captured the one and the other by their professional activities – François Hollande is working every day to its foundation “France is committed” when the actor turns and produces a variety of feature films, they regularly offer small getaways for two. Last weekend, they made an overnight stop in france at Richerenches, as is echoed in the Provence. They have surveyed the truffle market of this small village of the Vaucluse before delighting in a restaurant on the corner. The menu of this establishment : a brouillade of truffles, followed by a baba of duck in orange with a broth in japanese, and a fluffy dark chocolate and meringue. Julie Gayet has, however, understand on the antenna of C-News that in modern women, she lived her professional life independently of that of his companion, and that she would be single for the Oscars. Free you said.

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Julie Gayet, François Hollande

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