“Kadebostany, it is dйsormais a diversitй”

News 27 June, 2017

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A fault?

The prйsident Kadebostan has an agenda chargй. He is just returned from Athunes, and goes back this week а Rome before йcumer the scunes Turkish, Romanian and Russian. Meanwhile, the rйsident lausanne has йvoquй “Monumental, chapter 1”, an EP of four titles, which in announcement of others.

What is the idйe derriure this first volume?
The album, а out in 2018, has йtй rйalisй with diffйrentes singers. Зa had more sense to release several EP’s, including this one on which three interprutes (editor’s note: Kristina, Sisi and Rita) give the voice. The aim is that the public understands that Kadebostany, it is dйsormais a diversitй, a number of artists.

But what is it for Kristina, your singer now?
It will continue its concerts by playing on scune the diffйrentes voice prйsentes on the album. It has prouvй it йtait solid dйpit a rate of tournйe supported. A good voice is not enough. It also requires a strong mental.

How dйgager of the time in the studio in addition to live?
There are no miracles, it is necessary to work, all the time. The weak are not able to do. The music, it is more than a job or a passion. It is a way of life.

How has йvoluй your sound?
I couldn’t do twice the same with the word thing. I want to surprise and propose stuff that dйrangent. I love it when my songs are about, good or bad.

We are here at a record store. What would be your drive bedside?
Hard а say. I love being entourй by this hйritage cultural, but above all it is the future that matters to me. I am anything but nostalgic. I’m on Spotify all day to dйcouvrir sounds.