“Kebab houses carcinogens,” or how dangerous the meat is cooked on the fire

Techno 13 December, 2017

2017-12-13 12:43

“Kebab houses carcinogens,” or how dangerous the meat is cooked on the fire
In any season it’s hard to resist cooking kebabs at the weekend

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In any season it’s hard to resist cooking kebabs at the weekend, reports Rus.Media.

Meat suitable for the barbecue, you can choose from pork, beef, chicken and other animals. But the barbecue is hiding in the danger of the carcinogen.

It is because of these chemicals, it is recommended to limit the consumption of meat and cooking it on the fire. Let’s reskrim a bit this issue, to always be prepared!

Carcinogenic, emitted during thermal processing of meat, cause the formation of malignant tumors mainly in the digestive tract, breast, prostate and blood. Among these chemical compounds there are the following kinds.


A large number of substances are formed during cooking on the spit. Meat is no exception. Carcinogens are formed exclusively with this method of cooking. Contributing to the formation of toxic fat dripping from the meat on the coals, and subjected to pyrolysis. Thermal decomposition of organic compounds provides benzpyrene, which settle on the pieces of kebab and go up with smoke.

On this subject, conducted various experiments and studies, which, however, is not pleased with your results. During the research it was found that 1 kg (portion) of meat, cooked over charcoal, can accumulate 60 mg harmful substances. Disappointing, isn’t it?

The world health organization warns that the maximum permissible dose use of benzpyrene per day is 0.36 micrograms. As can be seen, a dose of venom obtained during a simple picnic, at times exceeds admissible norm. Therefore, you should carefully see how it is possible to reduce the formation of this carcinogen.

Ways to reduce the formation of benzpyrene

To preserve the health of yourself and your family, you can do the following:

To prevent the dripping fat on the coals. This requires a special design of the barbecue or vertical masonry skewers. This method prevents the pyrolysis of fat dripping.

Choose lean meats. The more fat and fat in meat, forms more of aspirenow.

Heterocyclic aromatic amines (GAA)

These carcinogens are formed from amino acids, sugars and creatine. Meat is rich in these substances, therefore, the synthesis of GAA occurs when cooking any barbecue, also baked on the fire of the kidneys and liver.

Aromatic amines controlling factor in taste and smell meat dishes. They are formed directly on the surface of the meat in the form of a crust. Therefore, baked or fried in butter the meat has a lesser extent, YEAH. If you want to reduce the amount of toxic amines, you will not be able to keep the familiar taste of meat, but it will definitely be appetizing and flavorful.

Ways to reduce the formation of DAA

To reduce the synthesis of heterocyclic aromatic amines will help the following methods:

To detach the meat from the coal, thereby reducing the frying temperature

Avoid getting the open fire on the product

Flip the skewers every minute to reduce the temperature effect

Required to marinate the meat to soften. Sour wine and beer contain antioxidants, which are the main enemies of the poisons. To the marinade add the sugar, which prevents the synthesis of DAA. For marinade vinegar choose only organic apples, wine and other products

Fresh meat, not frozen pdaware, cook faster, at a lower temperature. Before frying the meat on the coals, it is recommended to warm it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. This will reduce carcinogens by up to 95%


All starchy foods emit the carcinogen acrylamide in the heat treatment process. Contains a substance and barbecue, so you should pay attention to it. Bread and French fries contain even more carcinogens, but do not assume it is harmless.

This poison is known for its ability to damage the genetic compounds in the body. The studies found that the synthesis of the carcinogen occurs due to the reaction of AMK asparagine and sugars. The process of formation of the poison is similar to the synthesis of DAA, so methods to get rid of the same carcinogen.

We are not saying that the kebab is extremely harmful, and should give it up. But we recommend not to use treats very often, so as not to provoke the formation of various kinds of tumors. Also don’t forget about the methods of reducing the formation of harmful substances and stay healthy!