Killed in a roadside rest area

News 22 March, 2018
  • Caroline Lepage

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 18:12

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 21:42

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    ULVERTON | man of 41 years was found dead Monday morning in a rest stop in the eastern Townships, has been the victim of a murder.

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    Jean-François Henri was possibly the victim of a settling of accounts, he was a big drug user, and had bad dating relationship, according to relatives.

    The body of the father of three children, was found Monday morning in a roadside rest area along highway 55, Ulverton, located between Drummondville and Sherbrooke.

    “It is possible that people could be angry with him. It was a consumer quite a heavy drug, ” says Vanessa Barnes, who was surprised to learn of his death on Wednesday.

    A few days ago, Mr. Henry wrote to him on Facebook for news. He had known his mother for several years.

    Settlement of account ?

    Mr. Henry had a heavy criminal record, particularly related to drug trafficking.

    Jimmy Merchant is sad to have lost his friend with whom he grew up, in Valcourt. It is believed that the killing may be a settling of accounts because of debts to drug.

    Even if he had lost contact with Mr. Henry for a few years, Mr. Merchant has been shaken to know that his “old chum” was killed.

    “I knew that he was with people not too convenient, and he dipped in cases weird, but I didn’t think he would be up there,” he adds.

    “It has been brewed here “

    In recent months, the victim remained in Drummondville. The man shared with a friend a housing of the rue Celanese, which he left recently.

    “It’s brewed a little bit,” says Dany Charland Laroche, who attended regularly in this building.

    Even if he was an excellent photographer of cars, Mr. Henry complained recently of being without an income and live in misery.

    Three weeks ago, Mr. Charland Laroche lent him his iPad that he was never to be seen.

    “He told me that he had been beaten and that he had stolen all his belongings “, he reported.

    No suspect has yet been arrested in this folder homicide, but the police investigation follows its course.