Kiwi home? Grown on the windowsill

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 09:10

Kiwi home? Grown on the windowsill
Find out how to do it, it’s not hard

Kiwi grows well in ordinary urban apartments Rus.Media.

The best time for sowing is from March to may. Select the store most ripe kiwi. The fruit should be soft, smooth, without flaws.

The germination of seeds:

1. Wash the fruit and cut it into several parts. Gently knead the flesh. The resulting slurry add a Cup of warm water, stir and let it settle.

2. Repeatedly rinse the flesh is gone, and the bones will remain to float on the surface.

3. Put the seeds of a kiwi on a napkin. After 2-4 hours, they will dry up.

4. Wrap seeds in cotton wool or cloth and place on a saucer. Add a little hot water – it needs a good soak material but not to spill out when you tilt the container.

5. Cover the seeds with foil and put in a warm Sunny place.

6. Night film better to lift or even remove.

7. In the morning top up with required amount of water.

8. After 7-10 days the seeds of the kiwi fruit should come up soon.

Planting seeds:

1. Take a flower pot and pour on the bottom a little clay pellets.

2. The soil is better to take ready designed for tropical vines. Soak it in a water bath for two hours.

3. In holes with a depth of 5-10 mm, put 2-3 seeds. Lightly sprinkle them with earth, water with water at room temperature and cover tightly with foil.

4. Put the tray in a warm Sunny place. After 3-6 days the first shoots.

5. From unpromising and unnecessary germs it is better to start to save already at this stage.

6. Water moderately and only separated by water.


Winter shoot growth of kiwifruit slows down, and it only needs to be watered 2-3 times per month

. — During the growing season (spring and summer) the plants require more moisture, so watering should be more often – 2 times a week.

— In addition, the hot summer kiwis need to be sprayed.

Don’t forget to thin out the plants, otherwise they will interfere with each other. In the early stages they can just pull out of the ground. A little later to do this will not succeed, because the root system of kiwifruit growing fast enough.

The most correct option would be sstrange unnecessary Rostock. When the plants reach a height of 10-12 cm, transplant them into separate trays. If not, their development will slow down. In favorable conditions, flowering and fruiting kiwi from seed starts on the third or fourth year