Kylie Jenner: A piercing at the nipple at 19?

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner will not know what to invent to compete against the popularity of her sister … After a polemic on her lips, here is another slightly more intimate.

Jenner little sister wanted a dog for Christmas and his wish was (necessarily) come true. But three days after the arrival of her gift, the 19 year old woman found that a dog asked too much work and attention and decided to have her sisters guard. “Kylie was not able to go out one night because of the dog and it made her furious. Her parents think it was a mistake but they hope she will change and that she will not treat him like Kim deals his animals ” . Kylie Jenner thought that a piercing would be easier to assume than an animal, but it’s without thinking about the location of this famous piercing! The teenager has become used to posting very sexy pictures of herself on her account Instagram like her sisters but it is a photo posted by one of her friends who betrayed her! tells you more.
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Sham Maurice , a friend of the girl posted on his Instagram account a photo of Kylie Jenner in cropped top lavender where we can clearly see a nipple piercing point the tip of his nose. The starlet appeared dressed in the same outfit on January 1 on her own account Instagram but delicately hidden evidence of this new piercing through her hair. Do you think that Kylie Jenner was made to pierce the nipple at just 19 years old? Kendal Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Norman Reedus … The new ambassadors Beats By Dre and Apple on video on What do you think ?