Labour standards: the government urged him to go further against the clauses “orphan”

News 21 March, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    The Labour minister, Dominique Vien, filed Tuesday, his reform of the law on labour standards.

    Marc-André Gagnon

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 17:46

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 17:50

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    Like Québec solidaire and Young people-Liberals, the CAQ claims that the Labour minister, Dominique Vien, does not completely mitigate the problem of the terms “orphan”, especially for the younger workers.

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    In its reform of the law on labour standards unveiled Tuesday, the minister Vien proposes to prohibit disparity of treatment, but only for new hires that will be made after the sanction of the law.

    In effect, the government Couillard came to the conclusion that it would be “inconceivable”, for example, to double the pension plans, including a less than profitable for the last of the returned, who have already been the subject of an agreement between a union and an employer.

    “We are the only ones in Canada to proceed with […] the prohibition of differences of treatment. This is not nothing. This is not trivial. […] You could not do better than what we are currently doing, that what we are proposing,” said in the house the minister Vien.

    GND greet the release of the Young Liberals

    As Young Liberals, the spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, wishes that the prohibition applies also to the disparities in treatment that already exist.

    “I want to greet the release of the Young Liberals who have contradicted their own government, who have pointed out the contradiction in this bill. Instead of settling an injustice, it flows into the concrete”, said the member of parliament in solidarity of Gouin.

    “We will wait for the bill to be studied, but we hope that the minister will adopt a law that will solve definitively this issue for all workers,” responded Tuesday to the president of the Youth Commission of the Quebec liberal Party, Stéphane Stril.