Law of karma. How your life can change for the better

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 14:14

Law of karma. How your life can change for the better
Karma is the consequences that await for his actions.

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Whether good or evil, we made an impact on the world and on our lives, reports Rus.Media.

Your life can change for the better. You need to know the main laws of karma, which apply to all people in the world. If you follow these simple rules, you can make your life more favorable, securing a nice future with good deeds.

Law of karma

The most important thing that you need to remember that each person is the first karmic law that defines our existence: “From the consequences it is impossible to escape. Every action has its consequences”.

This is true, because evil will always come back to you, as if you didn’t want to prevent it. Going to the dishonorable act, know that it will result in a chain of causality. Buying something in a dishonest way, you lose something else. If you are looking for love, kindness, respect, happiness, is to give it to everyone else. To earn it, become the incarnation of what you need. So you come to harmony with oneself and harmony with the surrounding world.

Responsibility for our actions lies only on ourselves. The world that surrounds us, built by us. Not the universe determines how we will live, and we determine what the world around us.

Try to go to the light, to goodness, to understanding, to acquire new knowledge. And don’t stay thinking in the past, as the laws of karma, all that matters is what happens to you now.

How to change life for the better

In the laws of karma contains all the answers to our question. Change to themselves, as the universe starts with you. There is a known theory that has many followers: physically the Universe has no center, as it is constantly expanding, so where ever you are in the space of our World, you will always feel that you are in the center. This is no accident, because the karmic laws like this. You’re the center of your world. Neither the parents nor the work, nor anyone or anything else is not able to take centre stage.

The main law is known to all is the law of gravity. He says that all our thoughts are material and draw something that is directed. If you think about the bad, all the negative will go to you of the energy channel of communication with the Universe. On the other hand, the center of abundance can reward you with incredible luck, if you will not doubt it. Accordingly, if the projected it on the karmic perception of the world, the picture will be exactly the same — thinking about success and about the light, you attract into your life.