Laws that will help ebnony brain

Techno 10 January, 2018

2018-01-10 19:47

Laws that will help ebnony brain
A number of patterns that will help become a little wiser.

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Natalia grace is a talented psychologist and business coach, in his book “Laws of grace” has formulated a number of laws that will help become a little wiser, reports Rus.Media. Here are some of them. Maybe they can help you today.

1. The law of zero

The brain needs reset. If you came home and could barely stay on his feet, and made only fourteen cases of the twenty-eight scheduled for today, if you sat down and sit, blankly staring into the void, don’t blame yourself for the failure! The brain cannot smooth execution of your orders. A him must also be addressed. He has to bring order in all those scraps that you sketched. While the absence of any information from the outside. The brain is “cleansed” at this time. This is the reset. Even the soil ceases to be fertile when in the seventh year she was not allowed to rest and are forced to rise again. This makes it barren slave. Long live reset!

2. Act of false kindness

It seems to us that we help solving other people’s problems. We are strengthening them. When we forcibly drag the alcoholic to be treated, it will only prolong his agony and spend your time. He will drink again, and we’ll consider him an ungrateful pig, instead of asking yourself whether it is worth throwing pearls. Man must solve his own problems. He grows up, grows as his Arsenal of problem-solving.

3. The law is the fairness of things

As a person manifests itself in small ways – that’s what he is! He can be generous like a king, but once a year, and petty nature manifests itself in little things daily, so the little things much more revealing.

4. The act embryos

There are the germs of phenomena and events. Although these embryos are not alive, but have the ability to reproduce. One left Cup will entail a mountain of dirty dishes. One inscription on svezheokrashennoj the fence will soon be left alone – the whole fence will be covered. How to use the law of embryos? All adverse events must be identified in the Bud. The germ of all evil must be destroyed. If some of the vital phenomenon You don’t like – repair it in the Bud. It is much easier to melt a snowflake, than to stop a snowball.

5. Better under – than over-

This applies to absolutely everything. For example, if you’re giving a speech, finish it before people get tired. Goethe said: “the Secret of boring is to tell everything.” Went on a date – say goodbye a little earlier than it wants to make Your partner. Leave your guests before they yearn for solitude. Remember: it is better under-than over-…

6. The common law team

Two horses in one team able to move 15 tons. But each of them separately – only 3 tons. Harnessed in the Affairs not less than two, and be effective. “A threefold cord is not quickly broken”.

7. The law of magic words

It turns out that the magic word “NO” and not “please”. Many problems can be avoided if you learn how to refuse people. Not spending time in empty conversation “out of courtesy”. Not to give money when You don’t want to do that. It is far better than to suffer over whether will return or not. Give what you can give, and debt do not give. Goethe said: “I Want to lose a friend – give him money in debt.”

I discovered an interesting phenomenon. When people deny, his self esteem increases, increases self-respect. People are afraid to say no. And you know why? They are afraid not to like! And will not please everyone. Learn easy to experience other people’s negative emotions about Your refusal. If you just say “NO”, the failure to argue it will be easier. Deny easily.

8. The law of the falsity of ideal conditions

Will never be ideal conditions. It’s foolish to deny that favorable circumstances occasionally happen. Even rarer for someone to have the wisdom to use them. Partly because of the possibility of hiding under the guise of problems that need to be addressed.

9. The law of supply

One person, let’s call him Mihalych wanted to change your motorcycle for a new one, more modern. Mihalich filed a notice in a newspaper that sold the motorcycle, because the entire amount of the purchase of the new he did not have.

The model was five hundred shaggy year, so calls have been received, but at the end of the week one person did call. Mikhalych met him, and he offered him a very modest price, about three hundred dollars, saying that this motorcycle can only be spent on spare parts. Mihalich became indignant and say that sell it at least a thousand. The client with a sigh is gone, and it was evident that he not break, and really not willing to pay more, and left Mihalich your phone with the words: “If you change your mind, call me.”

Mihalich did not think to change their minds concerning the old horse, and did not call. The client called back a few days and again offered three hundred dollars, but Mikhailovich refused. A week later, when Mihalich later in the evening left the office, he could not remember where he put the motorcycle, until I finally realized that he had been kidnapped.

Proposals are for a reason. Fate thus it often takes care of us.

10. The law once established

Once adjusted works great!

11. The law of compensation

Does not happen all at the same time! Or Can you imagine?.. Wife: beauty, manicure, hairstyle, home cakes are not dry, in bed with her husband – the wonders of ingenuity and passion, children swimming attention; brilliantly sings, entertains guests by playing the piano; healthy – well, just blood and milk; flexible, nature of silk, meets a smile, a brilliant poet, a successful business lady, the perfect one…

Does not happen all at once, so Napoleon was afraid of cats, Tchaikovsky ate paper and cried up to ten times a day, Suvorov often pretended to be a fool, Schiller earnestly laid on the table of the rotten apples for feeding the Muse, and Bach was the organist threw in a wig when he was out of tune.

If one person has reached considerable success, in another he is usually more. But man is valuable not so much a lack of vices, as the presence of virtues.

12. Law of effect

The environment influences the way people. In medicine there is the concept of: norm of reaction. It is obvious that someone is determined to be slimmer, some fuller. But even within the concepts of completeness can be pretty chubby and bloated and opened to the ugliness. At the same genetics mind you. This is called the norm of reaction. Even if a person does not tear the stars from the sky, and he has a supply of the reaction norm. In one environment, it will be developed (even relatively), and the other primitive. Environment influences a lot, if not all. We turn to those around us, much less turn around in itself.

13. The law of the cross

Cross each is given in strict accordance with his back.

14. The law of polar reactions to the talent

Talented people always evoke polar reactions: either enthusiasm or hatred. They cannot be taken indifferently. It is impossible not to notice, ignore. It is impossible to forget. Remember them, love them, hate them, think about them, envy them. Therefore, if you are talented, then do not expect universal approval. Enemies will only because not all of the talents they got.

15. The law “Not your people”

Not your people anyway, you are gone.

16. The law of shared memory

Most people share a common memory of events and there are all sorts of poods of salt. In the shared memory based attachment and at least a fair amount of calm stage lasts love. Thus, getting into the memory connects people. Want kind of affection – fall into the memory of the good.

17. The act of binding the thoughts in the middle

The man who is close to us, makes you think about yourself, even if it is not interesting to us. That’s the danger of the proximity of useless people.

18. The law of inevitable losses

In all that man does, he admits mistakes. Therefore, losses are inevitable. Losses are inevitable, ladies and gentlemen! Knowing this, you should not worry too much. Much, but not all of us can affect. There are common laws of the universe. We can’t be perfect, and our actions too. The inevitable losses take with humility. Perhaps, it is needed only here.

19. The law of halves

Any picture of the world, any business can be symbolically divided into halves, which complement each other. Halves can be called start and end. To set the tone for the initial half is still possible, but if it materialized, the final half begins to “dorisovyvat” like myself. That’s the essence of case management. You can specify initial half, to get the desired end result.

To consolidate this idea will give an illustration. You probably tried to understand why some people cause others a reaction of admiration and adoration? They act like you can’t not like it. If you need to speak, their whole appearance shows: I’m ready to applause, and people begin to applaud, painting something mate. They look as if waiting for a reaction of adoration, and people begin to look interested at first, then fall in love. Set the correct initial half, and the success is guaranteed.

20. The law of right actions

If the person is doing the right thing, he’s doing every day better and better.