Lazy dumplings with potatoes. Simple and delicious

Techno 17 December, 2017

2016-12-20 13:16

Lazy dumplings with potatoes. Simple and delicious
Dumplings is a food that everyone knows. Them loved by both adults and children. Due to the large variety of toppings, any person will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate option based on their preferences.

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Cheese, mushrooms, various berries, cabbage – all this is a storm of taste and lures to try. But still, the most popular kind are the dumplings with potatoes. They are prepared almost everywhere, reports Rus.Media.

The classic version involves separate preparation of the dough and the filling, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, in order to speed up the cooking process and more likely to enjoy a favorite dish, learn how to cook dumplings with potatoes. There is no traditional flour, but the food is not getting worse and remains the same delicious.

Here is a recipe lazy dumplings with potatoes, which is made step by step and with photos. Also review the instructions for preparing this dish with mushrooms.

Lazy dumplings with potatoes

To create our culinary masterpiece, you need to prepare:

  • Flour – 6 large spoons;
  • Potatoes – 5 PCs;
  • One egg;
  • Salt and pepper – to taste;
  • Cream;
  • Greens for decoration.

The caloric content of the finished product is about 180 kcal per 100 g

Begin cooking. Step-by-step recipe is very easy and fast:

  • Potatoes clean and cut. Put to the boil in salted water;
  • Masha pushes the cooked root into a puree. Break the egg, we pour salt and pepper, knead everything until a homogeneous mass;
  • Without stopping stirring gently fall asleep to the flour and form a light potato dough;
  • The process of sculpting dumplings “lentyayskogo” recipe no. Prepared mass only rolled into a thin sausage, which is then separated into little pieces that need a little roll in flour;
  • Dip the pieces in boiling long for salty water. Cooking time is only three minutes;
  • Pull the cooked products from the pan and lay on plates and garnish on top of the greens. The traditional supply — with sour cream.
  • You can also roast in butter the butter with finely chopped onion, put on slow flame.
  • So all the chips aterials faster, add water, a small spoonful of melted butter. The taste of mashed potatoes will only improve.

    As you can see, to cook dumplings with potatoes very quickly and easily. They do not need to sculpt, worrying that they might then collapse. And cooking only takes a few minutes, which will allow you to instantly enjoy an amazing dish. Therefore, it is better to prepare varenichki yourself at home than buying in-store. Also, this dish is suitable for those who hold the post, but at the same time looking for delicious meatless meals.

    Lazy dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

    The mushrooms will give the dish a unique spicy taste that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    • To cook dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms, it is only necessary to finely chop the mushrooms and make them with flour together with the potato;
    • It is better to use natural forest mushrooms, then the taste is truly divine. But you can do hothouse mushrooms or oyster mushrooms.

    There is a recipe where mushrooms are just superimposed on top of the finished dish.

  • If they forest, they first need to boil. If they are grown under greenhouse conditions, then you can skip this step;
  • Mushrooms cut into strips, take one onion and shred dice it;
  • Fry in a pan with oil, first the onions, then add mushrooms and fry a little;
  • Crispy onion-mushroom mass sprinkle top of dumplings with potatoes.
  • That’s the whole simple scheme of the preparation of a favorite dish. But how to make lazy vareniki with potatoes even tastier and more original? There are a few tricks.

    Ideas for improving meals

    • Experiment with appearance. To do “sloth” from pieces of dough easier and faster way. But it is possible to roll plate with a thickness of 5 mm and cut out small circles using a glass. Products appearance will resemble the coin;
    • Play with colors. You can paint the workpiece, adding in the mix the juice of various vegetables like beet, carrot or tomato. This course is especially good for children. And most importantly – all natural and healthy no artificial colors;
    • Change the composition. Try to add to the potatoes with lard. The male half will appreciate the additive in the form of chopped and fried bacon. You can add and sausage. Experiments with taste can be carried out by adding directly to the dough with herbs or spices.

    Make changes to the standard recipe, try, create. And you definitely get a treat that will delight loved ones of all ages.