Let all be good! Parting words for the road

Techno 6 December, 2017

2017-12-06 21:15

Let all be good! Parting words for the road
Now we all know that any word material and carries a certain energy, positive or negative.

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This energy not only affects the environment and people, but also can change reality in one way or the other. That is why the kind words of encouragement and blessing so needed and necessary – for every day and for everyone. Our ancestors knew about it. .

Believe it or not, but statistics show that men who wife every day, I wish good luck and kiss goodbye, and rarely get into accidents, reports Rus.Media. And yet it turned out that those who accompany the work with kind words and sincere kisses obnimancy usually achieve great success at work, takes a high position and is generally easy to climb the career ladder than those who those early morning rituals deprived.

On the contrary, the showdown on the doorstep instead of the good things is all about threat. Hurtful words flying in pursuit, could become deadly projectiles. At the threshold should not even discuss domestic issues and Affairs. On the threshold to utter only words of encouragement.

Why, you ask? And because words of encouragement is the favorable run programs for future actions and Events. In the old days people were well aware. So they are very serious about the rituals, teachings and blessings. And none of the proceedings started without the blessing, and the road was not without parting words.

In our days is to do the same. In fact, his parting words we all need today as never before and in almost any case: a difficult exam or job interview on the job, medical examination, business trip or long journey, marriage or divorce, a new business or a new project. And, of course, a simple working life, starting with the fact that we are walking the threshold of the apartment, going to work, also need to be blessed. Every day.

Parting words should support people morally and to strengthen his spirit. But it is important that guidance and blessings were not empty words, and uttered with sincere love and come from a pure heart. Only then they will give strength and confidence, to adjust to a positive result and will become a real talisman, keep from accidents and evil people. You create around a person’s protective cocoon. And while this cocoon, and is not visible, but it contains a huge force. And when your friends and relatives something goes wrong, they need words that will help you relax, tune in a positive way and to believe in themselves and in their abilities. Its a good word you can fill close to you with enthusiasm and strength, to stir to action. Give your loved ones confidence, fill them with positive, motivate them.

Parting words, programming for a positive, very much. Some have survived directly from antiquity, for example – “God Forbid it to be unseemly” or “God!” “God help you!”

Today, as words of wisdom there may be also such phrases: “In a good way!” “Godspeed!”, “Let everything be good!” “You will do it!” “Good luck!”, “Everything will be just fine!” and many others. You can come up with their special “family” phrase, as long as they were spoken from the heart.

And sometimes it is not necessary to pronounce them aloud. To bless and wish good luck to you and mentally, because thoughts are material and have the ability to change the surrounding space.

One of the careful programs can become a kind of prayer: “the powers of heaven and earth! Save and save so-and-so/such-that (name)! Cover him with a protective shell and let the defense will be strong and indestructible! The powers of heaven and earth! Always and everywhere follow him, and let him hear your decrees! Along a level road, point it in the right way! And may he be under your protection! Always and everywhere! So be it!”

In General, do not skimp on the good words and be generous with your good wishes, kisses and hugs. Do not consider them in detail and “calf tenderness”. It’s not everyday conversations and superfluous movement, and a real moral support for a loved one. The native will feel that behind them – your genuine support and warmth, and therefore will become more confident and tuned in a positive way.

If you take a rule with kind words to accompany their loved ones and dear people, even when they go very close and for minor reasons, you soon will notice, as the life of your family changing for the better.

Mandatory should be the parting words, when a person embarks on a long journey or for important cases. And yet, besides the wishes of a good trip, you can imagine the thoughts that surround their home as protective shell, and to seek the assistance of guardian angel with the request to protect those you love, in a way.