Life on Earth could bring alien asteroid

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 23:31

Life on Earth could bring alien asteroid
Experts put forward a new hypothesis.

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Harvard University scientists admit that life on Earth might have brought the asteroid that flew in from another Solar system., reports Rus.Media.

On this idea prompted experts the appearance of the asteroid, Omanawa in October. According to a new study, that such a celestial body could be a kind of alien space ship. According to another version, the asteroid could be signs pathplanning life.

According to Harvard Professor Loeb, some creatures of the earth, microscopic tihohod, can survive in space. Similarly, a separate extraterrestrial microorganisms are able to exist on Earth.

“In principle, life could be transported between planets craggy rocks; we know, for example, that the solid celestial bodies from Mars to reach the Ground and return back,” said Professor Loeb.

It used to be that Earth and Mars formed relatively close to each other, but their mineral composition is very different, because the rocks of the red planet contained the lighter silicates than the earth. Thus, Mars is more similar to asteroids.

The researchers conducted a simulation, which is consistent with the model Grand Available, according to which Jupiter played an important role in shaping the orbits of the inner planets, including Mars. Simulations showed that with a probability of about 3% the Red planet was closer to Jupiter than it is now, but the gravitational pull of giant pushed Mars to its current location.