Life on Titan save humanity from deadly diseases

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 06:46

Life on Titan save humanity from deadly diseases

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NASA’s Dr. Morgan and his team have modeled in the laboratory, methane rains and floods ethane, which are often observed on Saturn’s moon, Titan. The results showed that it could save the life of humankind, passes Rus.Media.

The experiment was carried out in the laboratory in California. NASA scientists have simulated the flood of ethane and methane rains. It would seem that it can instantly destroy mankind, but American scientists have refuted this assumption. They showed that such objects quickly unite and form soliven cancer. Appropriate chemical compounds eventually form crystals.

In this case, the crystals resemble diamonds found on Earth. The scientists said that such a flood of ethane and methane allow couples to get rid of any microorganisms. Thus, using the climate of Titan, you can get rid of any viruses including the cancer virus and Zeke.