Liquidity Tokenization Takes Center Stage in the IsSettled Worldwide Network Revolution

News 26 August, 2023

The domain of global finance has always been marked by its propensity for evolution. When the G20 endorsed the ambitious roadmap for enhancing cross-border payments – a brainchild of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure of the Bank for International Settlements (CPMI) – it sent clear ripples across the financial sector.

The magnitude of these cross-border transactions is immense. Depending on their geographic footprint, regional banks facilitate thousands to millions of these transactions daily. Meanwhile, the titans of the banking world, including HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank, process millions daily, a testament to their widespread global influence and diverse clientele.

Enter IsSettled, a modern solution to age-old challenges.

The IsSettled solution is akin to a financial symphony. It harmoniously merges an API-driven global network with a robust tokenization system and transaction ledger. This dynamic ensemble caters to both financial institutions and corporations. It aims to recalibrate the nature of their interactions, seamlessly integrating their existing payment systems.

Yet, amidst these innovations, one facet stands out – Liquidity Tokenization.

With liquidity tokenization at its core, IsSettled’s revolutionary approach allows for the immediate tokenization, transfer, and redemption of a spectrum of assets. This innovation transforms liquidity into an on-demand service, ensuring prompt settlements. The universal standard embedded in IsSettled empowers stakeholders to control, manage, and digitize assets, from currencies to precious metals. Moreover, this tokenized approach offers a lifeline for those seeking cross-currency liquidity, making international payments, trades, and settlements seamless.

In this globalized age, IsSettled’s universal platform is a game-changer, removing intermediaries’ needs and offering unmatched consistency. Financial institutions can craft networks, regulate partnerships, and even dictate credit terms on IsSettled’s digital accounts. This is more than a platform; it’s an enabler, a tool that catalyzes liquidity consolidation and amplifies lending, payments, and deposits globally.

The system’s brilliance is evident in its direct application of ISO 20022 for financial exchanges, fluid FX transaction capabilities, and adeptness at swiftly processing any cross-border payment. Its design encourages mutual settlements, paves the way for unparalleled access to cross-liquidity, and offers stakeholders unprecedented insight into their operations. All this, in real-time and round-the-clock.

The cherry on top? The real-time FX Market RFQ. Institutions can now interact, procure, and vend tokenized assets sans intermediaries, all while sidestepping exorbitant commission fees. This integrated marketplace, powered by market makers within IsSettled, is a 24/7 hub for cross-currency liquidity and instantaneous settlements.

Industry giants like Visa and Mastercard closely follow DLT, CBDC, and asset tokenization developments. The IsSettled is not merely a participant in the financial landscape’s evolution; it’s spearheading it. With liquidity tokenization front and center, the future of global finance is not just efficient; it’s transformative. At the heart of this transformation lies IsSettled — a beacon of innovation in a sea of convention.