Love horoscope for the week of 12 till 18 Feb 2018

Techno 11 February, 2018

2018-02-11 10:11

Love horoscope for the week of 12 till 18 Feb 2018
Love horoscope will give a chance to predict the appearance of love in Your life, and save feelings and to strengthen their,

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Love conquers fear of the unknown. It is impossible to beg, or to beg. She comes to me, unbidden and unexpectedly. Love horoscope will give a chance to anticipate their appearance and keep feelings and strengthen them, reports Rus.Media.

Ahead of the spring — time of love, even if now it’s hard to believe: the temperature outside is still unable to hold on to at least zero and the sun rarely shows. It does not matter — spring is near. Valentine’s day — proof. Optimism should not be lost, it is time for all to feel the spring mood. Does not work? What if this week the planets will make you completely and to surrender completely to love, spring and happiness?


The stars are configured to sense the Rams decisively. In these seven days you will have to unravel all the mysteries of love. You are confused about the relationship? Can’t understand love you or not? I see no options of who to give his heart away? Now everyone will see and understand. The positive influence of Neptune will open your eyes. You will be available all the hidden and obscure, and most importantly, your straightforward and hot temper will help radically to deal with all unpleasant moments. You need to remember only one thing: the past is the past.


In the period from 12 to 18 February, the Taurus will come true the most daring secret dreams of love. And will help you in this Month. Its influence will help you to reconcile with a partner or meet a person who plays an important role in your life, support your feelings, will give you the strength to overcome everyday problems. To rely on the help of the moon is useful, but not always. For example, on Monday and Tuesday it is better to rely only on their strength: the Moon in Capricorn is always weak and helpless. It will be difficult. Don’t listen to anyone and not to collect gossip.


Universe warns: your personal life will be on view. Everyone will be wondering what it is you have going on there on the other side of the bed. If you are ready to open all its secrets, silent, as guerrillas. Now your novel can be difficult to keep secret. Caution is needed to all, because Jupiter wants to check your relationship strength. Beware of someone’s double game — someone will want you and your partner have a fight.


All week Cancers will worry about little things. Of course, for you it will be completely not trivial, but by the weekend you realize how much you were wrong. Astrologers suggest to get rid of anxiety in advance. Release pent-up emotions, but without a partner, and some creative direction. Your relationship should become stronger this week, so better to do without scenes of jealousy. Now you’ll just be under the influence of a negative Saturn. Do not dive into this.


The lions this week, waiting for a shake-up, which is helpful to both men and women. Work should not distract you from love. An hour of fun deservedly belongs to everyone. Solar activity carries the energy of the dismissal, a new turn of life for the better. The transition of the Sun from Aquarius to Pisces on Sunday will be a springboard for something new. Other days controversial, but you need to focus only on the good.


Personal life Dev is in these seven days will be accompanied by intense emotions. Nothing serious — say stars, but you wouldn’t hear it. You can’t control love, says specialist group website but you won’t care. An overwhelming desire to fit the whole world under his ideal will take you over the top. This influence of Venus. Astrologers suggest to relax. Tune in to the energy of the chaos it is born of the cosmic order, and of the love that is important.


The universe has got Scales dramatic turn of events. Be attentive to her prompts. The actual planet will be Saturn, strong in Capricorn. Now is not the time for spontaneity on your part: give the relationship stronger brew. Love is like wine, the older the better. Flirting and flirting with unnecessary people will put a cross on the highest order. So think several times reasonable risks.


The Scorpions, who overstated the bar should be lowered. Next week will be without much innovation, but it will be full of kindness, tenderness, care and love for the partner. Now you should focus on strengthening the relationship, even if it pulls you in the opposite direction. The desire to get everything at once will lead to mistakes in love, as, however, and excessive amorousness and credulity. Don’t blame yourself for this desire: influenced by Neptune, which is responsible for the highest expressions of love, anyone can lose his head.


Personal life archers would be so interesting and magical that everything else will recede into the background. You can cancel all my plans to be with the one you love. However, such sacrifice stars from you do not expect. Do not have to rush into feeling with the head: let your life be more communication and romantic meetings. Even if you are single now, you’ll have privacy, just don’t rush things.


Saturn in your Sign bit will lead your thoughts to a world of specifics and logic, by guiding you to the success. That is why personal life will remain on the margins, becoming a sort of emotional make-up. Astrologers suggest, despite these conditions, to remain open and generous to a loved one. If personal relationships fit into your plans, don’t lose the chance to improve them, and if not, then don’t rush — there will be opportunities and better.


To love the changes started, you need something to do: to fall in love, date, be with the one you love. Ahead of Valentine’s day — and this is probably the best occasion to remind them of their love or respect her. If you have no desire to change something, then go about your plans. Now you need to be aware of yourself as a person, and no matter you do it in a pair with a loved one or alone.


Fish is to cease to fantasize and to dream and to act. Venus in your Sign will give you a real chance at personal happiness. Don’t look for love where there is none. Not to link their lives with those who do not know and do not attribute imaginary feelings to the person who is kind and helpful towards you. This is perhaps all you need to remember. Follow the voice of your heart. Intuition will tell you where there are chances of happiness, and where they are not.