Love horoscope. What awaits each sign of the zodiac in 2018

Techno 26 January, 2018

2018-01-26 13:38

Love horoscope. What awaits each sign of the zodiac in 2018
One of the most loyal, honest and good-natured animals in the horoscope is a Dog. She will stand at the helm of the new 2018.


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The dog belongs to the Earth element, so you can count on the intellectual development and peace event in your life. Love horoscope for the year 2018, involves the strengthening of personal relationships, family traditions and sensitivity in dealing with other people. The dog will help to make peace with those with whom you had fallen in the previous year. From Dogs to expect not only of peace and Forbearance, and persistence in achieving goals. It without fear and without reproach fighting for happiness in his personal and family life with fidelity. Starting in July, will be the influx of enormous energy, which will help to neutralize the conflicts and misunderstandings in relations. The priority must be the tenderness, care and understanding. If you show your sincere feelings, in December, the Dog will reward you on merit and not left alone.

The year of the Dog is ideal for procreation and the birth of the baby. Even if you are in a “civil” marriage, it will only strengthen the relationship, bringing them to a new level. The baby will be born in a happy family, if you desire to have will come from both. The dog is opposed to divorce, so in 2018 in any case do not take such a drastic step in the relationship. Patience, sensitivity and understanding that will enable loving hearts to strengthen relationships. Well, if you are both tuned to the breakup, it can be done in the next year, when the rule is a Pig. Intelligent and faithful animal will be a patron of 2018, which will definitely help you in any difficult situations. Don’t be crazy and follow those traditions that have been established for centuries. Learn first to make concessions and conciliation, to forgive and accept a loved one as he is. And now the forecast for the signs of the Zodiac.

 Twins. Gemini in the year of the Dog will fly on the wings of love that give them a lot of emotions and vivid impressions. Of course, not all romantic encounters will escalate into something more serious, but the chance to meet “the” person is still there. Love horoscope for the year 2018, promises the Twins fateful acquaintance, but then also by the need to look at both. Possible resumption of the old relationship, although it is unlikely to lead to a good result. Forecast for the year 2018, the Twins, the family recommends to independently solve problems arising in relations with her husband. No need to even tell the relatives that you don’t like or resent. Yes, and envious of the people around a lot. Try in the year of the Dog to escape the gossip, and not by spreading rumors. As for the affair, the Twins even think about.

Cancer. Of course, the mistress of the 2018 yellow Dog will help you to arrange a personal life, but the bulk of the worries and troubles on this occasion will fall on your shoulders. Do not refuse new appointments, communicating with friends and parties. Be as proactive. That’s when Cancer can count not only on the fateful acquaintance, but on a March by Mendelssohn at the end of December. Love horoscope for the year 2018, Cancer predicts a change of residence. With your lover you’ll go anywhere to be together. The main thing that you’ve thought of everything, so you do not regret about the act. After all, such sacrifices have to be justified. Familial Cancer in the year of Dog, you can expect surprises from the fate. You will go on a long-awaited trip, have a great time and learn a lot about another country. The horoscope recommends that Cancer together with her husband to open a business that will only improve your relationship /

Lion. Imagine a Lion without love is impossible, but recommends the Dog to be more careful. Or someone you will deceive, or betray you. Astroprognoz love to 2018 Leo advises to be less risky feelings, otherwise it is possible the whole year to live in the riots or the separation. If you already have a favorite person, the more time and attention to give him. A lone lion can meet a “soul mate”, if he becomes more attention to his personal life. No dubious flirtations and intimate relationships, then the year of the Dog will give you a meeting, which will be the fate. Better save your energy and feeling for the person who really deserves. After all, the charm and proud the way of a Lion all around crazy.

Deva. In the year of the Dog in Virgo will be a little bit of everything – from true love to the banal office romance. To add the personal life of romance and sensuality, the virgin we must not close itself within four walls. Often better to communicate with old and new friends to attend the event. To charm someone who likes you, just need to take the initiative. Listen to your heart, and no anxiety and thoughts that you do not like and do not appreciate. Love horoscope for the year 2018, the virgin recommends that you re-look at your external image. How long have you went to the store and bought something stylish to wear? Well, to find peace of mind, the virgin does not prevent you practice yoga and meditation If you will normalize the internal state, and personal life will change for the better. The single Virgo may meet in the autumn with your loved one. This will happen in an unexpected moment that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Scale. Libra in year of the Dog need to learn one thing – planning a fateful meeting pointless. Anything can happen, as in a beautiful tale, so often, look around. Single Libra can make acquaintance, after which remain on a shower unpleasant precipitate. A man will become selfish and materialistic person. Love horoscope for the year 2018, Libra promises good financial position, so the quarrels with her husband on the basis of money is not exactly expected. Domestic violence is also no problem, but romance in relationships add not interfere. Weights should fork out on gifts or travel. And I don’t want to have Affairs on the side, otherwise the situation before the divorce will bring. Scorpius. Scorpio in the year of the Dog definitely lucky in love, but what to do with restless temperament? Love forecast for 2018 suggests Scorpio to tame jealousy and leadership manners and to be polite and softer in a relationship with a man. Keep emotions in strong check, not to destroy privacy. Some Scorpio will change a residence, someone will part with a favorite, and someone fate will give a new wonderful meeting. Most importantly, do not look back and do not blame people for what they made. Not stopping to work on them! Love horoscope for the year 2018, predicts Scorpio unforgettable romantic date. Well, if you were born in November, you’re in for a formal marriage or wedding. It is possible that you again obmenjatsja rings with those who were already legally married. And don’t be afraid! Sometimes you can enter the same river twice. Especially if you really love the person and don’t believe in superstitions.

Pisces. Single Fish will be splashing in love, as in a warm ocean. Here and unexpected encounters, beautiful courtship and the sea of confessions. That’s just rush decisions should not be. You can read about the chosen one a lot of trouble. But, if you are not going to dig into his past, then everything will remain as it is – consistently and sincerely. Someone from the Fish will return to a former lover, which broke off relations in 2017. But the family of Fish in the year of the Dog will be on the verge of divorce. And all this is due to the fact that life has not been established, do not have enough finances and the passion has faded. Maybe there is a chance to revive? Then try to do it in early 2018. Try to do business together, or to plan the birth of the child.

Sagittarius. Sagittarius in the year of the Dog expected a surge of strength, energy and feelings, so he can count on everything about love Dating and adventure. Love horoscope for the year 2018 advised in advance understand who you are on the way, and who better to forget. If you do not want to part with a loved one, usmart jealousy. This is especially true of men. Enough already suspect the choice in everything you can imagine. Yes, you have a rich imagination, but not to the same degree. Only on trust built a serious relationship. Love forecast for 2018 Sagittarius predicts a resumption of the long novel. However, in the summer, many will fall in love and forget about the previous attachment. Autumn will be for many archers sad sometimes. Possible separation and divorce.


The year of the Dog advises Aries to dwell on his affair with the person you had just been friends. Your relationship will move to another stage and will become more sensual. If you want to keep, then become softer attentive to elect. Emotional and temperamental Aries should be cautious not to get in conflicts with those who he truly love. In the year of the Dog in Aries can be problems on the personal front, due to the fact that the partner will seem to them too childish and cold in the relationship. First try to understand why he himself is so, and then draw appropriate conclusions. Love horoscope for the year 2018, the RAM recommends that you be more proactive and the first to make concessions. The one who is lonely, in the year of Dog will meet a loved one, who in December married or were married.

Taurus. Taurus in year of the Dog will be in the full sense of the word, to bathe in love, so loneliness it is not exactly threatened. It is expected much of a confession, courtship and proposals of marriage. The important thing to Taurus is not sprayed their feelings to everyone. First, find out the person and then confess to him the feelings. Otherwise, fate will test the Calf, sending him greedy and smarmy personalities. Most often refer to intuition. She will not let you down and will give good advice. 2018 Calf promises common interests and common cause with a man he experiences a profound sense. You can even open your business, if both want it and all will be thought over to trifles. The dog will certainly help, than can. Taurus with your chosen one will be able to strengthen the financial position. Possible office romance in the middle of the year. But keep in mind that the Dog doesn’t like people who flirt on the side of being married or married.

 Capricorn. In the year of the Dog about the Capricorn can say one thing – happy and completely in love. Love horoscope for the year 2018 lonely Capricorn predicts an interesting meeting that might change his life. New choice will be not only lover, but also a reliable friend. This combination is rarely seen, you are lucky. But try to get to know the suitor, not to fall into the hands of a man materialistic and deceitful. Love horoscope for the year 2018, advises elect to demonstrate their best qualities. Moreover, that of Capricorn, which honors the family tradition, almost no flaws. He’s very good as a husband, faithful and thorough. The dog already loves it. In the beginning of the year Capricorn does not stop to deal with external change and to monitor the state of physical health. If you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, try to change for the better is to pull the figure, fashionable dress up and make a new haircut.

Aquarius. Love horoscope for the year 2018 of Aquarius predicts a feeling that Mexican soap operas are filmed. You will fall in love at first sight and already on the second date, talk to partner about the wedding. The dog advises you not to jump to conclusions, otherwise mistakes and disappointments will be a lot. It is possible that the person communicates with you only because of your high status in society or for money. Well, your pretty face he liked? Family of Aquarius need to do everything possible to diversify the relationship with your husband and make a kind of “flavor”. If you love each other as before, then nothing prevents to create something new, build a house, have a child and, in the end having another honeymoon in the Canary Islands.