MacBook Pro 2016: Touch ID makes it easy to share headed computer

Techno 1 February, 2017

By testing the MacBook Pro 2016, we were amazed by the Touch ID sensor of the headed computer. With this digital sensor, sharing your Mac with other users has never been easier
We had been waiting for a long time. Since its appearance on the iPhone 5S, the Touch ID sensor impresses us. In addition to improving the security of iOS devices, it provides a better experience of use. And since late 2016 and the release of new MacBook Pro (read: our test model with 15-inch Touch Bar) , this digital sensor regales the happy owners of the computer headed . You can of course unlock the MacBook Pro oklm with the Touch ID. But that’s not all. The Touch ID sensor allows us to easily share our Mac with other users.
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As on any iOS device, Apple proposes to record our impressions during the first use of the MacBook Pro . Needless to stress, it is always possible to do after via “System Preferences” . At meltyStyle, we had the option to share the Mac easily with other users. If they have accounts with registered fingerprints, simply click on the Touch ID sensor to switch from one account to another. As if by magic, what. Otherwise, you can find our tips for pairing the MacBook Pro to AirPods.