Magic Leap has introduced glasses mixed reality

Techno 21 December, 2017

2017-12-21 20:06

Magic Leap has introduced glasses mixed reality
American startup Magic Leap glasses first showed mixed reality, over which led the development of the last few years. The system will allow to impose the reality ultrarealistic virtual objects, just like in the popular video kit

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Magic Leap first showed mixed reality glasses to superimpose virtual objects on real environment. Device Magic Leap One equipped with a set of sensors and cameras, and it is based on patented Digital Lightfield®, reports Rus.Media.

The company describes the technology this way: “Photonics generates digital light field light with different depth and seamlessly mixes it with natural light. The result is digital objects that merge with the real world.” Magic Leap promises that this technology is not tired of man as virtual reality, so the glasses can be used several hours without a break.

The technology will also add to the map overlay environment, accurate tracking and system “acoustic field”. That is, the virtual image will make a noise and stay in the system even if the user takes off the glasses for a while, and then went back to viewing.

Effect limit of realism the company promised when he released the video on which from under the floor of the sports hall emerges kit. The movie was the usual animation, but Magic Leap promised the same result in reality.

The set additionally includes points connected wired way computer unit with battery – similar to a CD player device the company proposes to attach to belt of trousers. Also for the operation of the device will need a wireless controller.

Startup promises to release the device in 2018, however the price of Magic Leap has not yet reported. Pre-order not available yet. Presents device the company calls Creator Edition – it is designed for developers and designers.