Male orgasm: 5 interesting facts about the important culmination of the excitation

Techno 5 March, 2018

2018-03-05 12:02

Male orgasm: 5 interesting facts about the important culmination of the excitation
To better understand the man in bed, only need to understand the characteristics of the male orgasm, which may differ significantly from the female. We have gathered 5 interesting facts about how the climax of excitement in our intimate partners.

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1. Psychological problem

Rapid ejaculation – women sometimes think the selfishness of her partner – but this could be psychological, not physiological problem of men. Too hasty ejaculation, it is of course possible as a consequence of a long abstinence from sex, but it also occurs as a result of discomfort at the level of feelings.

2. Out

With the right choice of poses associated with the orgasm not only in women but also in men. Only now from the opposite sex is important to a visual picture that helps to get maximum pleasure. Look at the woman who looks seductively in different positions, plays an important role. So now think about whether to turn off the light before intimate contact.

3. Food

The full orgasm happens in men who had not attacked with greed for food. As it turned out, a hearty meal with multiple dishes can reduce the blood flow to the genitals, which will affect erection quality. Just the male body is busy with digestion, and violations will not be forces.


During male orgasm, the mental capacity practically blocked. Therefore, to accompany passionate sex conversation is not a good idea. But the moaning and your personal phrase for excitation is quite welcome.

5. Break

Get a few orgasms in a row for the men is quite difficult, even if a nice intimate process will continue. The body needs the so-called “break to score the battery.” And it all depends on the physiological characteristics of your partner. Someone needs to rest for 15-20 minutes, someone in the hour, and older men may need a whole day.