Male phrases that expose treason

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 07:51

Male phrases that expose treason
When paired, there is a third, there is love, trust, respect.

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Cheating is a terrible word for any person, reports Rus.Media. It’s filled with pain and lies.

When paired, there is a third, there is love, trust, respect. One person is constantly lying, all the criss-crossing web of lies, and the other is immersed in a stronger pain.

Rejection of reality

Many women learn about the infidelity of a beloved husband the latter, love is blinding them and they don’t want to see, most importantly, to hear almost a direct treason.

Unfortunately, it is better to know more and more about cheating to not be someone neglected, left.

The psychologists

Psychologists say that men themselves give themselves. In their words, slipping the hidden confession of adultery.

To expose a loved one in a lie, is simply to listen carefully to him and learn to hear the true meaning in his words.

Until the moment when the fact of infidelity is not installed, the man tries to justify himself, “attacks” on the woman.

Most often he will say:

we are bound by friendship;

I need personal space;

I suspect that you’re cheating on me;

you’re not perfect (listing harshly deficiencies, misconduct of the spouses);

I got to work;

I am perfectly able to wash their own clothes.

Other words the person says, if the fact of adultery is already installed.

Deceived wife hear that:

actually you’re the only one;

I’m afraid to lose you;

I’m sorry that I hurt you, I didn’t want;

it means nothing to me.

During the “sincere” conversation with repentance, forgiveness should carefully look into the eyes of a loved one:

His eyes will not lie, under the guise of beautiful, encouraging words – they reflect the real range of emotions, to forge it.

A woman is perfectly able to understand, trying to manipulate her, or is he really not guilty or treason was held, and now he is looking for a suitable excuse.

A sincere man would not get out excuses – he will readily explain all the interesting wife for the sake of the family.

The ability to listen, hear and understand each other is the basis of family happiness.

Treason to blame two. The happiness of family life comes to those who works daily on himself, smooths out the sharp corners, looking for compromises, yields for the happiness of the beloved.